And my heart shed a tear.

There is a little village in a remote part of Mali.
The villagers here don't have much but between them there is 1 television.
Upon that terrible day when north Japan shook and fell to it's knees, the entire village gathered together to watch the events unfold. They then stood together and prayed for Japan.

I have read that Mali donated thousands of pounds towards the relief effort in Japan.

And they were not the only ones.

Ethiopia, Tonga, Maldives and some other of the world's most poorest countries dug deep and gave what they could.

They don't have much but they wanted to show support.
They wanted to thank Japan for the countless ways in which Japan has helped them both in times of need and in the development of their countries. They just wanted to show solidarity.

I don't know about you but this warmed my heart and made me shed a tear.

These countries don't have much to give and the money that they spared could go a long way in their own lands but I know Japan is the kind of country that would appreciate such a heartfelt gesture.

I read this story in the latest issue of the The Journey London Paper published weekly by Japan Journals.


  1. what a great story of selfless generosity.

  2. That is truly touching! I wish that someone could instill a DROP of the goodness that they have into our idiotic criminals that were wreaking havoc only a few days ago. Either that or I'd be perfectly happy to replace them all with more deserving individuals who could use the opportunity of being in this country to make a better life for themselves and their families. It makes me so cross when I think about it.

  3. How very humbling. Those who have the most seem to hold onto it the tightest.

  4. Oh wow.... this story makes my heart hurt... but I think in a good way. It's so heartening to hear that people can really be so truly kind and generous. Keeps the faith alive, you know? =)

  5. what a beautiful story Yasumi, selfless acts like this make me miss my dad so much. I hope this can inspire someone, it sure has me x x x


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