Jelly Fruitcake

I have evidence that I have flipped out and lost the plot and accumulated a few too many night jellies/sleeping masks.

I am certain that there may be a couple more lurking around....

It will take me a while to work through these, I hope they will protect my skin as this chill continues to set in.

I will let you know my thoughts as I scrape the barrels above!
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Pinkfishpie's Ocean Love Potion

I received a handwritten letter t'other day. It arrived with a couple of goodies, one of which was an Ocean Love Potion from my dear lady Pinkfishpie.

It was instant love on my part. I just adore the deep ocean hues with it's slightly murky undertones. I have decided that mermaids and ballerina seahorses live such coloured sea waters!

Here is my NOTD using the polish together with some shocking nail stamping.

The nail plate was part of a selection that came to me as a gift from the thoroughly wonderful and secretive SimplyJolieLaide.

I feel so blessed to have such special people touch my life xx
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Tea of the Week :Sakura 2011 Thé Vert

I am rolling with the new features today! I have another one for you born out of my obsessive love/adoration/passion of tea (oh that lovely stuff). Each week I will let you in on a brew of the week. The tea that I have enjoyed the most Monday through to Sunday.

The tea that was most consumed and most relished last week was Mariage Freres' Sakura 2011 Thé Vert.

Sakura 2011 is an annual limited edition green tea that I picked up in Paris.

As winter wanes and spring approaches, desire revives and SAKURA is reborn.

The 2011 vintage of MARIAGE FRÈRES’ green cherry-blossom tea nestles in a limited-edition collector’s canister—silken and slender, luxurious and sensual.
In the mouth this tea is lively, sumptuous and elegant, full of sweet, blossoming fragrances that strike a grassy, sweet, flowery note.

Mariage Freres

This is a delightfully delicate fragrant tea.

It is a light sophisticated flavour much like a beautiful symphony of freshness.

It is such a pity that this is not available in the UK for I would certainly consider hauling this for rainy days.

Incidentally, my teacup is bone china and was made by Noritake Ireland

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The Yummies: On the matter of spuds

As the self appointed curator of this odd little place, I am perpetually considering different aspects of curiosity to bla -di-bla about to you. This time, I let my belly growl and come up with this new feature; "The Yummies".

I am always on the look out for new and lesser known things to stuff my face with so why not let you in on my findings?

Blue crisps are delicious.

They have a rich, dense potato flavour. Much more potatoey than any other crisps that I have gobbled.

It is extraordinarily fun to know that there is such a thing as a blue potato that comes from Peru! This really makes the little me of many a year a go very happy indeed!

That that the matter of a blue potato has been settled, I am on the hunt for a blue banana......

Brand:Terra Blues
You can find them in Fresh and Wild
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Prettty paper

There are many things that I have been unable to grow out of liking. One such thing is my love of stationery.

Paperchase has really been raising their creative limbo bar with their Wonderland collection. I found myself unable to resist a few items:

I also managed to get my mitts on a nice selection of items from San X's Sentimental Circus. I fell in like with the demented cute stiched up bunny after receiving a letter from the lovely Rouge Deluxe.

I do like "writing" letters! It's a method of correspondence less used between friends these days......that's a little sad.

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And there was light.

Hiro is a designer working with light. He eats, dreams, lives LIGHT. Light is paint palette, a means of expression, his art!

As his wife, I have been sucked into a lighting adventure wonderland. I often feel very much like Alice with Hiro as my White Rabbit that takes me deeper down an incandescent rabbit hole.

I cannot go anywhere without stopping to find that I have been talking to myself as Hiro is in fact many steps behind, gazing at some light source of some kind. If I am particularly unfortunate, I may catch him criticising the choice of luminaries whilst laying on the floor in a department store.

Together we chase shadows, seek out beautiful light and I listen while he garbles on about things such as "colour temperature", "poor light rendering", "candelas" and such things that all sound like fascinating gobbledygook to me.

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Dolly Wink Red

I picked up a few Dolly Wink nail polishes in Japan last year. Since then, they have been languishing in a drawer doing not very much. I dug out the red shade today as it looked so vibrantly scarlet.

I like the darling little bottle. I like the way that it is small enough to give me a realistic chance of using up the nail polish before the inevitable stodginess sets in.

This is a fine shade of red that applies evenly and dries to a touch-dry finish very quickly.

I am particularly fond of red and this is a fine addition to my collection.

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Magical Lemony Lip Stuff

Lanolips' Lemonaid Lip Aid is my HG lip treatment. I think it is magic stuff (disclaimer: magic does not work on everyone).

This is a deeply moisturising whipped lanolin lip treatment that contains organic lemon oil to naturally exfoliate and ultra pure medical grade lanolin.

The lemon flavour, for it does taste lemony (don't eat it!) is refreshing and uplifting and the hint of shimmer is pleasing for my day to day needs. I very much like the texture as it is not sticky nor too heavy and works brilliantly through the day or at night as a bed time treatment.

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Fings what I like #18

There is one reason alone why I have Upper Street in Islington on my shopping radar and that is for the exceptional furniture shops located upon it's paths.

While I haven't the bank balance to buy the furnishings that I see, it doesn't stop me looking, or dreaming!

One day, I will buy a Cherner Chair.

I have long admired it's iconic feminine sculptural form. Made of moulded plywood and designed in the 1950s, it still looks fresh to my eye.

Spotted in Coexistence, Islington.

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Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes Deep

Esprique is a Japanese line of makeup that sits under Kose's huge big umbrella. This line has recently been revamped and I must admit that I am loving their shadow palettes very muchly. My latest addition to my collection came from their Autumn collection.

Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes - Deep in shade #B4.

This is a lovely colour combination for late summer and autumn for me. The palette consists of 2 colour shadows, 1 highlighter and 1 lining shade. Of course they can be used as and how your imagination sees fit!

The shadows are wonderful to apply as all colours glide on in a smoothly and blend together seamlessly.

I experienced very little in the way of fall out when used with my NARS base, and found all shades to have excellent colour pay off. Though the shades are shimmery, the particles are of a fine quality so don't worry about chunks of glitter.

The B4 palette is certainly the most interesting one in Esprique's autumn collection in my opinion. This is a certain keeper for me. I shall keep it in my make up treasures box along with the Esprique Blend Dimensional Shiny Palette that I also have.

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Another use for a cloud

Bread boards can be dreary things but there is really no need to be as the imaginative Snugstudio demonstrate so well.

Snugstudio are based in Hanover, Germany but they do have an Etsy shop from which we are able to get hold of their wonderful wares. The cloud bread board was not the only thing to catch my wandering attention, just look at this candle holder!

I may very well turn a teacup into a candle vessel too.....one day x

The website: Snug online
The Esty shop: Snug on Etsy
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As a child, I used to go stomping about the Mendip Hills with my sister and our eccentric aunt. Armed with an impaired old metal detector, and wide eyes, we stumbled over the hills and took great pleasure in running down them in the most inelegant goat fashioned way.

On my part, I would relish the fresh hillside air. I would grimace as we rushed through patches of wild garlic with their copious scent and feel such a relief when we wound up in the woodlands. I would fight the urge to collapse into the soft floor and roll about in it's gloriously lively fragrance.

I have long wanted to capture the woodland scent. The fresh damp decay, the resinous woods, the still air, the whisper of smoke and the falling leaves...............

I purchased this delightful little sample fragrance set from the Etsy seller, Perfume for Strange Women. Within it's confines lay a little wish come true...

November in The Temperate Deciduous Forest:

I am so happy that I got to try this fragrance as it rekindled my happy childhood memory and brought to life my wish of enveloping myself with the scent of the woodland nostalgia. I am quite aware that it is an unusual wish and the reality of wearing such a fragrance in the heart of traffic ridden London is peculiar indeed, but I love the confusion it brings.

I hope to buy a full sized bottle soon.

I would like to thank the truly marvellous London Make up Girl and her trusty nozzle for letting me know about this. She is quite possibly the ONLY person who can say "I like how it smells a bit damp" and get my curiosity bubbling over rather that my grimace going.

Shop: Perfume for Strange Women

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Macarons are one of my favourite confectionery indulgences. The combination of the toothsome flavours, elegant textures and of course the delightful appearance, is wondersome affair indeed!

I recently treated myself to a selection of Pierre Herme Macarons. I like these as much as the Laduree versions, for as Laduree is more traditional in their flavours, Piere Herme is adventurous.

My selection consisted of many flavours but my favourite (shown above) are the Jasmine (cream), Salted Caramel (brown), and Olive oil and Vanilla (green).

Pierre Herme Macarons are available Selfridges Food Hall.
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The Alternative Oyster

Millions of Londoners have Oyster Cards. Well we were all sort of forced into it weren't we?

Anyway, they all look the same and there is a distinct lack of creative oyster covers, cases, and sleeves out there so, I am jolly pleased to have stumbled across the Alternative Oyster with their rather brilliant and durable wooden cases.

Here are my favourite two cases, I intend to get one of them. That is, once I decide which one I like best!

Photo from: Alternative Oyster

Photo from: Alternative Oyster

About The Product


Each Alternative Oyster card is made from 8 sheets of wood. Each sheet is layered with its grain running at an angle to the previous layer, ensuring exceptional strength and avoiding any weaknesses along grain lines. Thin sheets of wood help to keep the card light, coming in at under 8.0g (less than a £1 coin)
Oyster cards are designed for daily use, so the Alternative Oyster has to be ready for the wear and tear of constant use. To this end the sheets of wood are sealed and compressed with a strong and water-resistant bonding agent before being stained twice and varnished three times to keep the card looking fresh, but slowly developing a vintage patina that makes is unique to its owner.


Wood is a beautiful and nuanced material, full of variation and life. This means the grain, stain colour and surface texture all vary slightly, and although we make sure there are no structural imperfections to the cards when we engrave them, we do leave the texture of the wood to add character to the cards. If you are after a particular look for your card, or are opposed to things like deep grain and knot-holes then leave a note with your order and we'll hunt you out what you're after.

The cards are made of wood so if you put it in a fire, don't expect to see it again.

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Eggplant Milk Nails

I recently got hold of an interestingly packaged Skin Food Milk Cream Nail polish.

This particular range of Skin Food polishes are rather disappointing on the whole. However, this shade is wonderful both in it's colour and it's quality.

This polish, though quite thick in texture, applied smoothly, evenly and dries down quickly with a glossy finish. (please excuse my sloppy application)

I used 2 coat for the above photos.

This was actually a gift so I am not sure where to buy these myself apart via Korean sellers on eBay.

Take a look at the entire Skin Food nail range HERE.

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Hackney in Shades of Old

Back to my iPhone habit!

The iPhone provides a great way to snap inconspicuously.

Here I explored the "Earlybird" setting on Instagram and fell in love with it's curvaceous corners and shades of nostalgic oldness.

Wishing you all a magical Saturday


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Shimmer, shimmer, sparkle and gleam....

.....Something magic this way comes......

"Worship at the House of Blues is a residence of daydreams and whimsy established in a secret location within east London. .

This is no ordinary shop. This is a journey into my imagination. A challenge to see how far my vision can reach without recreating tens of the same item. My creations are made in extremely small amounts and each piece will be sold as a numbered limited edition.

Expect something magical."

Click above to follow the shimmering brick road into my Emporium of marvellous things.

Sign up for exclusive elusive previews, news and other special stuff:

Name *

Email *

Massive thank you's to all the lovely bloggers, tweeters and readers that have encouraged and supported to me to get this far. You have all been amazing and I cannot thank you enough xx

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Nanoce BB Sorbet

I can be such a sucker for a gimmick sometimes. I suppose that this may be why the idea of BB cream in a spray can really appealed to me.

This BB comes in 2 shades and I opted for the the darker shade #2 "Natural Ochre".

The little spray can comes with a dual textured sponge for application so please don't think that this can be sprayed directly on your face (think of the mess).

I don't normally review a skin care item so quickly. However, it was very clear from the start that this was going to be a fail for me.

The Nanoce BB Sorbet is great if you have oily skin but a hazard for drier skin types like my own. The BB dries down to a matte powder finish quickly after application and this just aggravates my dry patches.

If you have used the Nanoce BB Moist Cream and found yourself less than impressed with it's oil control capabilities, then this is for you!

As for me, this is bound for a blog sale at some point, or perhaps even some BB cream street art! I jest! Such a great shame.

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Hipstamatic Hackney in Shades Blue/Green

Upon a recent stumble, I sought to test out the Hipstamatic photo app with my iPhone. The "filters" that I used lent atmosphere that suited the rigid cityscape. I am very pleased with the results:

If any of you do use iPhone photo apps, please do let me know which are your favourites?

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