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I often have dreams in which I fly. They are terrifying as in waking time I am frightened of heights.

Despite my fear, I seem to allow Hiro to get me to stand as close to edge as my guts will let me.

Why do I torture myself?
Have a good weekend. Let's hope we all have some fine weather.

Hiro the happy snapper.
Denim high waisted shorts from Warehouse.
Crop top from Oasis.
Location Hierapolis amphitheatre in Turkey.


  1. I've been there - isnt' it fab? Turkey is such a great place for photos.

  2. You're so brave! I'm so scared of heights, although if there is a barrier that I know for sure will stop me from falling, I'm fine lol.
    Beautiful shots! <3

  3. You're brave!!!! I think when the ex and I went to Greece, we were by some places like that, and I elected to sit at the edge of most of them rather than stand... ^^;; Beautiful pictures!

  4. I know how you feel. I admire your bravery. Not sure I could go so close to the edge. Beautiful shots as always. Xxxx


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