Thank Goodness for Aqua Eyes

I never stop feeling like a filthily lucky blogger to have some amazing readers and blogger buddies that send me all sorts of new and exciting items to try.

Without the generosity of such wonderful people I would never have got to try Make up For ever's Aqua Eyes Waterproof pencils.

These excellent pencils are now firm favourites of mine. They come in an assortment of colours and are creamy soft to apply yet extremely long lasting.

The 4 colours that I own include:

Left to right:
21L : A gunmetal silver grey.
23L: A champagne beige pink.
0L: A deep black.
10L: A bronze gold.

I highly recommend these! It is a great shame that these are not widely available in the UK. It is for this reason that I always suggest adding these to any shopping list for ladies travelling to any Sephora possessing city.

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts? Do you have any favourite shades?

UPDATE: Thanks to the lovely Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog, I can let you know that you CAN get these in the UK from HERE!


  1. You might just fall in love with me for this http://www.gurumakeupemporium.com/epages/BT4080.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/BT4080/Products/113/SubProducts/113-0023&ChangeAction=SelectSubProduct

    I want some too!

    Nic xx

  2. I love the MUFE eyeliners, but I've recently switched to Urban Decay's 24/7 (got the anniversary box set). Those really last longer for me and while they do fade eventually (nothing sticks forever on me other than liquid liners), they fade, rather than smudge which is fine by me.

  3. Thanks for sharing and I actually own one in black, they are great but whenever I put them on my bottom water line, they seem to still smudge. =( But its okay because they are still a great product. I wish the stuff you guys have in the UK we would have it and the stuff we have in the US you guys would have it too. Because honestly, sometimes I get tired of the US product since we have them everywhere! lol

  4. they look simply fab! I think I need to get my hands on these :)

  5. I do love these pencils. The UD 24/7 pencils are good too.

  6. I've heard alot about MUFE liners, esp the liquid ones as they are super sharp and thin, and in a million shades to choose from.

    I like pencil liners though...it's a slightly different look but does the job of defining eyes just as well.

  7. these are AMAZING liners! i was always super skeptic that pencil liners would EVER work on my super oily lids. but these do.

    such a shame that they aren't available in the UK -_-

  8. i have tried Aqua Eyes, unfortunately they skip on my lids, making it hard for me to draw a nice line :( i prefer UD 24/7 pencils by a mile, but im glad these work well for you! :D

  9. I'm curious about these now, I've never tried them..

  10. @ShinyPrettyThings - they are available in UK - see my link above! x

  11. Oooo these swatches are absolutely gorgeous. Loving these shades too much.


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