So Long Farewell..........

I chose the moniker "OLD COW" for good reason. I am a grumpy, thoroughly cantankerous and disagreeable old cow. It is for this reason that I do not often get off my arse to meet people let alone fellow bloggers. However, when the fabulous and ever so vivacious Catty from the super The Catty Life Blog told me that she will soon be departing our Blighty shores....I HAD TO BUG HER ONE LAST TIME (for now).

This was part of our last supper (I kept fogetting to snap before I munch). The Location was Asadal in Holborn.


Kak doo gi

Oo ee kimchi

Yuk Hwae

Bin dae Dduck

Gal bi

I shall miss you Catty! Thank goodness you have a blog for me to stalk. See you in Tokyo one day xx


  1. omg I think I went here with Yinnie when I was in London last year... best Korean food ever! Especially after weeks of eating cafeteria food... this was heaven <3

  2. *bites in computer screen*...

    funnily, I just posted something about the topic of 'being skinny/food/etc', so I love that you appreciate food and post beautiful pictures about it!

  3. Fabulous food! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm drooling now... T^T

    What I love about Korean food is the variety of side dishes. ^O^;;

  5. I loveeeee Korean food. Kimchi is amazing (I'm addicted to spicy food). I love their stone bowl rice... so scrummy!

    Nice post :)

    Love Tx

  6. I just had my dinner, but this post is making me hungry again...

  7. Yummy!! I love Korean food, must try this place out one day! :) x


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