My kingdom for 4 Eames' chairs

This is Hiro's fault. He has been obsessed with chairs for a long time now and now he was oh so kindly passed on this curious obsession to me.

We dream of having a gallery of chairs one day. A handsome collection of modern classics! Among the many chair designers past and present, there is one that stable that gets my heart racing and these are the ageless designs of Charles and ray Eames.

I would an ash and calf skin version of the LCW Chair . designed in 1945.
Moulded plywood and pony skin

I would La Chaise
designed in 1948.
White lacquered polyurethane, tubular steel and oak.

I would a bright mustard RAR rocking chair.

I would a Lounge Chair and Ottoman
Top of my list is the Lounge Chair and Ottoman in snow leather and walnut.

Designed in 1956.

As Worshipblues does not support design theft or cheaper replicas....I need to win the lottery to be able to afford these handsome pieces.


  1. Hi,

    I'm usually just a lurker but I have to share that I too love, love well designed chairs. I love Eames, especially the lounge chair and ottoman in snow/walnut combo as you have above. My other to-die-for chairs are the cherner chairs and the Ghost chair (which is everywhere.. but I still love). Did you know there's a chair blog (chairblog.eu)?

  2. Bijou Bonne

    You have just made my day! I too adore the Cherner Chair. I want it soooo badly! That is certainly going in my "one day" gallery. I also would like the Aalto 400 zebra chair and the Rietveld red blue even though I know it is stupidly uncomfortable.

    Thank you so much for commenting today!

  3. a gallery of chairs.. what a lovely concept :)

  4. 4 beautifully designed and made pieces. I so see where you are coming from with these they are wonderful. Xxxx

  5. I love me a chesterfield 'lazy boy' especially in army green.


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