The morose and the profane

Bollocks to you hideous British summer I know you never come with a money back guarantee BUT STILL!! It has been yonks since London has had some proper sun and seeing that it is still SUPPOSED to be summer I think you really ought to let the sun out now.

Sorry for being moody most malignant.

I know I have just come back from a lovely summer holiday so I have absolutely no right to be moaning.

I can't 'elp it. This weather is going to plunge me into sickness.

Do you like my necklace? Hiro bought it for me, he says it suits me.
I adore my little candy like skulls. They are a fitting friendship to my morose moods. When I am particularly cross with someone I imagine that I have shrunk their skulls into puny little fings that I can quash, if I feel so inclined.

Necklace by Vivienne Westwood.


  1. That necklace is gorgeous!Very jealous!x

  2. I think the necklace is quite perfect!! I'd love to see what you wear it with :D

    But hopefully you won't have much cause to wear it - don't like the idea of you being morose!

  3. I have to say that I'm a SKULL craver too! I've been collecting anything with pink skull on it! hehe

  4. These really remind me of the McQueen skull jewelry, all which I think you'd look fab in!

  5. What a lovely gift!

    You're not the only one feeling that way, I assure you. I have had quite enough of the tantrums our weather has been throwing recently. Torrential rain? Oh please.

  6. Aye! I want this necklace!! Very lovely!!

    If I could give you some of this sunshiney weather that we have here in Cali, then I would wrap it all up pretty and mail it express just for you dear!!


  7. What a great necklace! Perfect for the crappy weather. I think it's even more miserable here in Manchester.

  8. LOL!! I'm chuckling at your last sentiments because I would totally do that as well. =)

  9. LOLL I thought I was the only one who did that 'squishing their head' thing when I'm mad. Well, my method is a bit different. I usually stand far away from the person, put my thumb and index finger together, and pretend to squish their head. Very mature, I know.

    I'm the opposite of you as far as weather is concerned. I cannot stand this hot, sunny summer weather. Winter is my favorite season, and I want it to get here now o.O

  10. My thoughts exactly. Summer? What the rass!!!

  11. lol, I do the squishing people's heads thing as well! I will gladly send over all the heat & sun that we're experiencing right now and trade you for some of the cooler air over there!


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