I wish that you were cheaper

A friend of mine recently upped sticks and moved to another corner of the world and in her wake she left me with a new cleanser to try out.

Elemental Herbology Cool + Clear Facial Cleanser

Packaging: A heavy glass bottle that could be a perfume bottle in another life. I would have liked it an awful lot more if it had a handy pump.

This is essentially an oil cleanser that is not to oily in fact to me it sits in the middle ground between oil and gel. This has the bonus of making the cleanser shower friendly which is a huge plue point for me.

The formula is soap free and contains green tea, olive and lavender flower extracts. Which combined are supposed to do wonders at balancing the skin, removing the gunk (also known and impurities), and leaving the skin feeling so fresh so fresh so cleeeeean!

My thoughts: I am a huge fan of cleansing oils so this really had to do some work to impress me. However, despite myself, I am honestly impressed with this product and if it were not for the big ole price tag, I would find myself buying more!

I found this cleanser to be a bit like a good maths teacher; thorough but gentle. So after each go, my skin was left clean even after a full plastering of make up. Although the product is purported to be especially beneficial for those with sebum imbalances, this also worked well with my dry/combo/sensitive skin and caused no ghastly reactions or breakouts. I do have to note that although this doesn't leave much in the way of residue, I still follow each use with a gentle washing powder, the FANCL one is my HG.

The Cool & Clear cleanser does have a strong fragrance and although my natural preference is for unfragranced cleasing oils, this didn't bother me much.

I do so wish that the Cool & Clear cleanser were cheaper because at £28.00 per pop, I just cannot justify buying it especially as there are some excellent cheaper alternatives currently on the market.

* The Elemental Herbology Cool and Clear Facial Cleanser is free of mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and parabens*

This cleanser is available from SpaceNK for £28.00


  1. Beautiful packaging!!!! I'm a sucker for great packaging :)

  2. the packaging is fab
    is it heavy
    somehow i imagine it to be

  3. Love that first photograph and your description makes me want want want this! It's not cheaper, but cheaper than the Laura Mercier oil I was looking at - and I imagine it would last a long time. Says the self-enabler.

  4. Space NK is one of my favourite stores! This cleanser sounds great, love the maths teacher reference! The packaging is really lovely. I also like the fact that it's free of mineral oil and parabens.

  5. 28 quid for a cleanser?! theyre having a bubble. It does sound ever so fancy though, like a good maths teacher...I like that x

  6. this sounds like a wonderful product. I can just imagine the scent.. but damn that is pretty pricey. maybe it's worth it!

  7. That looks so pretty... I love the Kanebo Kracie Naive olive one, but I'm halfway through my second bottle and kind of bored of it. I want to try the Origins one next, if only because the bottle is pretty and it smells nice haha. Sometimes little luxuries like that are worth it since it's not *that* much more expensive. I'm surprised this one doesn't come with a pump though... for 28 euro...


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