I often get asked what is my favourite Japanese cosmetic brand and though I have a few, ADDICTION is up there with my favourites not only in Japan, but globally.

Many of you will already know that ADDICTION is produced by Kose and created by the Japanese makeup artist Ayako who was the former international director for NARS.

In my opinion ADDICTION is the rebel child of high-end Japanese makeup brands. It hasn't gone down the cute route. It hasn't gone down the OL (Office Lady) route. It stands bold and sleek and slightly dark and super cool in the beauty hall.

Here are my favourite items so far. I hope that you find this post useful. I apologise if you find some repetition from previous posts. I wanted to compile a more complete focus of my collection.

Sheer type lipsticks.

These are slightly waxy sheer lipsticks that are moisturising and weightless at the same time.

Baby - a light bright pink.

Super Woman - a sheer just bitten red.

Here are some quick swatches. Super woman to the left and Baby to the right.

ADDICTION eyeshadows stand out from the cosmetics crowd for me because they have intriguing shades that really appeal to my off beat nature.

I have recently been able to fill up a 6 pan customisable palette. This is currently my prized make up possession.

Top row left to right: Flash Back, Arabian Ruby, Star Vega
Bottom row left to right: Rigoletto, Shangri La, Crow

The palette itself is not magnetic. Each individual shadow comes with little splodges of glue on their backs so they fit snugly and securely into the palette.

These shadows are so tricky to describe and photograph. I have tried my bestest and I hope they give you an idea (however vague) of what they are like. Excuse my heavy handed swatches, I promise you that these apply like silk and there is very little in the way of fall out!

Rigoletto. A metallic golden peach that slides onto eye lids. I have gone through 1 of these already and so I am quite certain that this is my HG highlighter.

Arabian Ruby. Another metallic shade but this is rather complex. In some light it looks more brown (above) but in others it looks like a singed aubergine with a lil bit of chocolate (see swatch below).

I think that this shadow has magical properties.

Flash Back. My perfect metallic taupe. A multidimensional shade that blends silver and a lil teeeny weeeeny bit of red and maybe blue? You will have to take my word for it because it is impossible to capture on camera.

Shangri La. I may be the only person on the planet who likes the look of rusty eyes. This is an utterly unique shadow in my collection. It is a rusty reddish pink with hues of brown. I used this in my Halloween 2011 look [HERE]

Star Vega. This is my only not metallic shade and is from their pearl line. A deep black blue with pink and red fine shimmer.

Crow. Which is just as it says! Like a crow's wings it is charcoal with a blue/green reflection.

The glosses are fantastic too.

This is my second helping of the gorgeously vibrant Azalea shade. It is a deep pinkish red with super fine golden shimmer.

The golden shade is called Moonlight and though the shimmers are chunky, they serve my purpose as this was intended to be a glossy top coat for my flatter nude lippies.

My final palette is reserved for blush.

I opted for subtle blushes and settled with Crush and Aqua Bronze.

Crush is a cool toned pink with fine silver shimmer.
Aqua bronze is my ideal bronzer. I am notoriously bad with bronzer and this pearly peachy gold works well on my skin tone.

My surprise star of the brand is the tinted moisturiser. I am using shade 3 at the moment and is is a fine match.

The tinted moisturiser goes on like liquid silk and does a great job of blurring and imperfections despite it's sheer finish This has SPF in it, it would be an instant HG.

//ADDICTION Cheek Stick

"African Sunset" is my kind of colour. It is beigey peachy with a slight lean towards tangerine shade that has fine gold shimmer. The colour goes on quite creamy and smooth and is easy to blend with the finger tips onto the cheeks with very little greasiness or stickiness. Although this is also suitable for the eyes and lips, I have not tried it that way YET.

I hope that this focused but speedy run through the brand via my makeup collection has been enjoyable.

It isn't impossible to get hold of this brand internationally. Ichibankao and Mihoko both stock their items and regularly ship to UK and USA.


  1. OMG I LOVE SHANGRI LA!!! Rusty reds are so unique but I rarely see them anywhere. I love them too!! I've never even heard of Addiction, shame on me since I'm obsessed w/ Japanese makeup >.< I am pleasantly surprised there's not an explosion of cute & pink princess packaging for this brand.

  2. I like Shangri La although I'm not sure what it would look like on :S
    You have such a lovely collection of Addiction products, the lippies are gorge!! xx

  3. I must get my hands on some! Next trip to Tokyo! I love Shangri La.

  4. I love love love your collection! And I entirely blame you and Yumeko for mine! You are both WAY too good at enabling. XD;

    I really want to try their lip products and the TM next!! Think I'll just go for it and get the darkest shade, fingers crossed!

  5. Be still my beating heart, Arabian Ruby and Star Vega are stunning. I like the packaging and palette set up too. Thank you so much for sharing! *goes off to hunt down sellers*

  6. What a great post. The products all look amazing. Especially love the 6 pan custom palette - the shades you chose are all so pretty.

    The tinted moisturiser sounds lovely.

  7. You're so right about how Addiction stands out from all the Japanese brands. Perhaps it's too quick for me to say this as I don't know the brand intimately, but it sort of has the same image as NARS at first glance....so are there any distinctive differences b/w NARS and Addiction? I'm just really curious to know...:-)

  8. Thanks for the info about the brand, it does resemble the big sister NARS and bonus points for not inheriting the annoying rubbery packaging that gets dirty in the blink of an eye! the colors that you selected for your palette are gorgeous and I feel a reflection of your personality...it is nice to steer away from cutesy packaging sometimes eh? As old as I am, sometimes I can't resist the cute packaging, now that you revealed your prized possession, I will reveal mine, it is the tsumori chisato for shu uemura planet cat palette!
    Thanks for your review, I will look for this and try!

  9. How dark does the tinted moisturiser come? I love the sound of this but have a Mediterranean skin tone so wonder if it will be right for my tone.

  10. I lovee the aesthetic of this brand, it's sleek and black but no annoying rubber that gets your fingerprints all over it! Thee eyeshadows in particular in really gorgeous, I love every single color you picked out for that palette.

  11. I love those delicately shimmering shades. I am definitely going to check out this brand which seems very high quality.

  12. I can see why this is one of your favorites!! The eye shadows are so pretty.

  13. Wow, thank you for your post, I will surely get a hand on Crow and maybe Shangri La ^_^ I want to get the tinted moisturiser too but not sure whether the shade would fit my skintone. Thanks again anyway! :)

  14. That Crow shadow is to die for and I think that rustic Shangri La would look lovely with brown eyes! Is there a way to get these online? Sorry if you've already posted that on here somewhere. Anyhow...thanks for the detailed descriptions!


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