Deeper underground

London's public transport may be a nightmare to most. Londoners are frequently apologising for being late and so sadly it has become part of our daily grind!

Now during our trip to Berlin, I expected great things from their transport system. I often hear much praise for German efficiency after all. I was glad to see that everything ran to time, no delays, no mad crushes in the underground train systems. However, finding our way through the underground was a complicated business indeed.

I would liken it to playing a madly random living dot to dot. So for the 1st time in our lives we really appreciated how well planned and how easy it is to navigate through London Underground. It is comparatively very well signed and the colour coding of our various lines together with the "eastbound" or "westbound" is just brilliant!

Now it is a shame that we are riddled with strike action, line closures and badly lit trains, and great price hikes for invisible improvements. Otherwise, I would say that London Underground is super duper!

Hiro's photos.


  1. our over crowded tube is one of those things that gives London part of it's charm. things to moan about in conversations.

  2. I also love it. Amazingly, when I have a seat, I find it a great place to think. Xxxx

  3. i really wish the US would have a better transporation system. Where I live, public transportation is so overpriced and the cars are terrible condition wise. Now I'm forced to drive everywhere simply because the subway system doesn't even go to 1/2 the places I need to go. Londoners are very lucky!!

  4. I really miss the Underground, I used to love travelling on it when I lived in London. Sespite all the delays, I also loved how all underground stops have their own identity.

  5. aww i sometimes miss the underground. Since living in japan we do take the trains for granted here - I realized that when I walked 7hrs home after the earthquake. now i appreciate it more than ever!


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