ADDICTION : African Sunset

ADDICTION has recently added their Cheek Sticks to their line up. I suppose these are on the same wavelenghth as NARS' Mutliples without the horrid rubberised packaging.

I received one recently in the African Sunset shade (most appropriate I thought).

I rather like the packaging. The maroony bottom makes it easily distinguishable from the lipsticks and the lipstick like bullet provides a more accurate and easy application when compared to the NARS Multiple.

African Sunset is my kind of colour. It is beigey peachy with a slight lean towards tangerine shade that has fine gold shimmer. The colour goes on quite creamy and smooth and is easy to blend with the finger tips onto the cheeks with very little greasiness or stickiness. Although this is also suitable for the eyes and lips, I have not tried it that way YET.

All in all, I like this first purchase much more than the multiples and I can see myself buying more in the future.

Available internationally from Mihoko or Ichibankao


  1. Will love to see you wearing it!

  2. Finally able to leave a comment here. Blogger has been misbehaving today. What a delicious name "African sunset" - Can't wait to see how it looks on. xx

  3. sooo pretty!!! and i love the name too! agree w the others. i wanna see how it looks on you! =D

  4. I was really curious about this product so thank you for your review! The color is soooooo pretty. I think I need to pick up one or two for myself at some point. :)

  5. this is on my CP list to my gf who is heading to Jp... been searching for this swatches but guess yours is the best!!


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