The Worshipblues wonderful box of wonderfilled delights

The minister of home affairs and madness and mayhem who resides under the table, in the drawing room of this ramshackle manor has made a decision.

Worshipblues shall host ONLY ONE almighty mahoosive smasher of a beauty giveaway a year, and, my dears we are approaching that time!

See this box?

It shall be filled, neigh, CRAMMED to busting point with interesting, wonderful and amazing beauty goodies. I shall not tell you exactly what is in there for the booty is still a-growin'.

This will be an exercise in TRUST.
If you trust this old cow. If you want to win items from Japan, Korea or closer to home, then you need to throw your name in the hat for you will regret it at the unveiling!

The Ru
les that must be obeyed
  • Thou must be a follower of Worshipblues (also known as lovely residents)
  • Thou must be a follower of The Worshipblues Emporium (also known as lovers of the shiny fings)
  • Thou must leave a comment in the noodle bowl below and let me know your answer to this:
"Which is your favorite Worshipblues blog post ever?"
  • Thou must do all the above BEFORE the 15th of July 2011.
I will then reveal the prize shortly after the closing of the giveaway and will then announce the winner at the same time. Those who don't give it a go can expect to feel a bit miffed at this point.

P.S If there are more than 50 entries then I will also up the stakes with a 2nd prize!

The game is afoot........................................


  1. Beautiful box! I've been a follower for a while now and I stumbled across your blog by looking for things to do with Africa.

    This is thus my all-time favourite post:

    I follow not only because of your awesome personality but because you are so unique having grown up in Africa. My bf grew up all over the world but spent a lot of his life in Africa and this summer I'm going to be spending some time travelling around the continent, I heard the dry season is best for animal watching!

    So just to say, your blog is awesome, I love hearing about your life and your adventures and that I hope I will be able to discover the world just as you have been doing too :)

    ~Rin x

    (katadama.rin at gmail dot com)

  2. I thought I would have a hard time picking my favorite, but I gave it a little thought *poof*..I knew!!

    Postcards from my yesterday mamma used to say. I loved seeing the pictures of your mother and the things she taught you. <3

  3. I don't think I favourite post ever, I love all your posts and have lots of favourites!!
    My recent favourite would be your 'My blog would be blimmin wubbish without you!' post :DD <3

    This is so exciting and the box is gorgeous and is the perfect WorshipBlues box! xx

  4. It's really very difficult for me to pick just one, but if I just think back to the most memorable from relatively recent is 'I Did Say I was Hungry' I did have a proper chuckle for a while after.

    Another one is the Heart of London one. I have mentioned it to at least 3 other people at some point or another!

  5. the box itself is so pretty! It really goes well with the theme of your blog :)
    My favourite post at the House of Blues gotta be this one: http://www.worshipblues.com/2010/09/how-high.html

    i love the outfit and the key is so simple yet stunning. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I love the spin you put in it ;) oooooo the suspense>>

  6. Hello... I hope it is OK for me to enter again. Let me know if it's not ^_^'

    I am following this blog as well as the Emporium... :) I'm a bit wide-eyed at all the 'shiny fings' you sell, I may just have to give in soon...!

    My favorite post of yours is here: http://www.worshipblues.com/2011/01/lavender-blue.html
    I read it and thought, who would ever think of putting lavender in biscuits?? But it turns out it isn't such an odd idea after all. Infact, it's a brilliant one. I should know: I tried the cookies for myself ;)

  7. My fave post is your "Braces" Tomboy post! I love the look!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this post of yours: http://www.worshipblues.com/2011/05/koiwai-yotsuba.html

    The way you write it is just SO cute. You make me want to run across the waters and give you a big hug. I love the way you pose her so it looks like she is touring Hackney Downs with you and pointing out all the interesting things. It makes me want to own a character to keep me company during rough times too =)

    Am both a resident and a lover of shiny fings. Can't wait to see all the new things you make!

  9. Peculiar China Room - pictures really captured the beauty of the room! Not that I'm judging by the pictures :P for my answer! .. I love it as I can honestly say I haven't seen something made & decorated like that in my generation. The amount of thought & creativity to produce something as beautiful as that I'll never know! Thats what I'd call attention to detail!! And I don't know why but I also have an urge to just swipe all the plates,cups etc off..why?!..like I said..I just don't know lol


  10. I love this type of trust exercise xD My favorite post of all time from your blog is "Almost Entirely Overrated, At Times." I loved the pictures in that post, and I loved what you said about taking a little holiday from yourself. Plus, your makeup and outfit were both gorgeous!

  11. Let me tell you that it was really hard to pick my most favourite post ever, but I think in the end I'd have to go with this one:


    It reminds me of you entirely, a beautifully intricate mask with a simple outfit, and a healthy dose of shimmery sparkle.

    Love you much, dear. May I continue to e-stalk you for years to come!

  12. Hi Yasumi,

    I've got to admit that I've not EVERY single blog post of yours.

    However, I do gravitate to labels such as:
    ~ "Pretty Things That Caught My Eye" - love the Drip Tease cuppa;
    ~ "Books" - I 've yet to find a fellow Beauty Blogger who loves to read; and
    ~ "Curiosities"!

    So, my favourite Worshipblues blog post ever is:
    "London Criers" - http://www.worshipblues.com/2010/10/london-criers.html

    My university thesis was based on literature of that era and my fav reference book is (still love re-reading it) is:
    "What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew: From Fox Hunting to Whist-the Facts of Daily Life in Nineteenth-Century England" - http://www.amazon.com/Austen-Charles-Dickens-Whist-Nineteenth-Century/dp/0671882368/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1307496990&sr=8-1

    Of course, the sad thing is, all I can do is read but not being able to score any authentic "curiosities" here...And at 50 pence!?!? :O

    Hope I stand a chance in winning your box of goodies ^_^

  13. Whoo for contests! I'm uber excited. :)
    I only stumbled upon this blog a couple days ago, but I really love it! My favorite post is this one: http://www.worshipblues.com/2011/05/peculiar-china-room.html

  14. Ugh.. I have so many favorite posts! haha!! >_<" I lovvvvvveeeee your posts about Japan (the country side? to be more particular).. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the post or the place! I just remember there was a memorable picture of the beach.. and the food.. like rice ice cream!! That looked so yummy! It made me really envious while I was studying in uni.. haha.. can you imagine? I recently went to Costa Rica and while I was on the beach (not being distracted by the mosquitos currently there), it made me think of your photos! I sent your blog to my best guy friend and he was really inspired to get out there too (to Japan)!!! I always look forward to all your travel entries! (also the shopping purchases and foody eats you've made at each stop!) I hope to visit all the places you've mentioned one day! Hopefully when I can start to earn and save away some money! Thank you for listening! You're awesome Worship! =D As always!!! - Steph (aka Jingxst)

  15. Gosh, picking just one is tough! After a brief bit of contemplation, I must say that my favorite post ever is you March 23, 2011 post. This is my favorite because it is the most radical. The fact that you have decided to devote time to yourself and feed your creativity is commendable.

  16. favorite post ever?! GAH! maybe your niigata post? i LOVE the photography there, wish i had taken photos like yours-! i should go through the photos i took back when and hope that they are decent enough to post up one day.

  17. Too many favorite posts to mention.. But pictures of curious fings, shiny fings made in the worship house, cosmetics, nails, London, tea, shopping, food, places.. and anyfing I see that catches my small bright eyes on here are among my favs!!

  18. I'm a fairly new follower but I have really loved looking at pictures of places you've been and things you've seen. Love your style!


  19. Aww the design is so Worship at the House of Blues! Very pretty, and what a fun giveaway!

    You're definitely not making it easy, since you haev so many interesting posts...but I definitely remember this one because it's my favorite picture of you! http://www.worshipblues.com/2011/03/braced.html

    I also loved the posts from your honeymoon, especially in Okinawa (I believe) with photos of the beautiful ocean and mouth-watering food.

    I have many other favorites but think it fair to only post those. =)

  20. I have so many favorite posts so it's a difficult task to just pick ONE.

    But if I really have to choose then it will be this one:


    I love the beach!! It looks absolutely stunning!! That must be the paradise that everybody is searching for. Well, at least in my case. :P

    Also I wanted to say that I love your blog! It's a great mixture of everything, very inspiring! I hope that I can grab a few things from your crafting blog (even the name sounds so exclusive and special) in the future because whenever I spotted something nice it was already sold. I'm just too slow... T^T;;

    edit: okay, due to some weird reasons I cannot comment using my google account, but I'm definitely a follower of yours...


  21. I love the way you write, so its inevitable for me to say that its darn hard to pick one favorite post. :P so i'm going for the ones which i like to revisit because of the photos. I do love the rise of the shiny fings and London Lurking post, your outfit is simple but very chic! i also love the backdrop there. you have a wonderful hubby/photographer! :D

    <3 the massive box! thank you for your generosity! :)

  22. I am a relatively new follower I went through your blog and I really like the variety of posts from makeup to random things.
    My favourite would be the Fings what I like series and especially this one:
    and the magical mystical japan post:
    These pictures are amazing I love the 1st pic of magical mystical japan,it truly is a magical and mystical pic.
    I am glad I found your blog :)

  23. Fantastic giveaway. I love your blog and it gives me food for thought and a few minutes to escape every day.

    My favourite post is 'My blog would be blimmin wubbish without you!' - because it's lovely - and because I'm also not very often romantic with my other half, but I have my moments!

  24. I love your variety of posts and when I read your tea posts I think wow and I love tea too! Oddly enough pretty tea and how quintessentially British it is just makes me fall in love. It might not be makeup related but its still beautiful! So of corse your Cutest Cuppa post caught my attention. Gosh that was a cutetea (sorry!) Thank you for your generosity! ^_^.x.

  25. Goodness! Yet another generous giveaway?! I would enter this just for the box itself! hahaha :D

    May I enter?

    First and foremost, you've asked a horribly difficult question for me, personally, to answer.

    However, these are the ones I instantly thought of as my favorites:

    **where you expressed your feelings in such a stunning and artistic way. I love that you wrote, “My idea of beauty does not lie in perfection but in imperfection.” This post truly moved me.

    and this
    **as I do love a good story and you tell them so beautifully!

    and one of my most favorite travel posts:
    **where I got lost in the lush greenery, simpleness, and pure beauty of Niigata.

    thank you!!!

  26. I love your post entitled magical mystical japan
    first picture is unbelievable, its very mysterious, the fog is amazing

  27. hiyaaaa! I honestly can't decide what is my all time favourite....argh! I think it was the first time i came across your blog and you posted the furtive glances ands i was like WOAH, THIS CHICKS GOT TALENT! but i really like your the china dress post because it was a really creative and beautiful piece and im glad you shared it with us:) but i i think my favourites are those two because you are really creative and talented and we can tell because you create such beautiful jewerllery...so yeah.. btw i thought it was incredibly sweet and kind of you to drop of some of your own hand made stuff in Oxfam!! I look up to you! xxxxxxxxxxx

  28. hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(: its hard to decide my favourite blog post, but its probs gotta be either...the china dress, furtive glances or turn left at the junction-this is because these posts all show that you are a talented and creative person as well as a kind and charitable person, although i haven't been following you for long and i don't really know what sort of person you are, i get the idea you're the type of person that shows things how they are and you see things beutifully and you share that beauty by creating fab georgous looking things. please keep it up! fighting!! XD xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. As an avid follower of your blogs, my absolute favorite post is hard to determine. However, if I had to pick just one favorite, I would have to say the post, "I owe my life to a manga" would have to be the one. Your father's quest to fulfill his dreams derived from reading Shonen Kenya, which led to meeting your mum, has truly moved me. Relentless pursuit of one's dreams is something to aspire to, and proves that life itself, is a never ending adventure. Also, receiving a signed copy of the series that brought your father and mother together as a gift, is something special.

  30. wot a gorgeous looking box!!
    i love all your blogposts as they vary from beauty to travels to collections but what attracted me are your photographs!!even though it is just a simple bottle of nail polish you could still capture it beautifully ^_^...if i have to pick one it will be one of your adventures: Once A Long Time Ago, We Went To Rhodos as its a summery place as i can definitely relate to with the hot weather here and it pleases me that summer weather can be enjoyable too~

  31. Doing all the following things. I had to think long and hard to come up with a favourite post, you write with an effortless grace that just blows me a way and then you combine that with some wonderful photos, your blog to me is like a very good book that I dip in and out of for a moments calm in a world of madness. (sorry if thats sounds beyond gushing but it is all heartfelt I promise!) So after all that this is the one:
    because you took me on a journey with you, thank you.

  32. Hiya Yasumi!

    My favourite post would be this:

    Just only discovered your blog at that time but was too shy to say hi. I was getting ready to email you about this necklace when I saw that it was already reserved.

    Oooh, how I foamed and frothed LOL. I'm glad that you're back to making shiny fings again BUT oh boy, why am I always so slow?? I can never own a piece if I keep this up!!

  33. my favourite post is this http://www.worshipblues.com/2010/12/jamhuri-day.html purely because the description is so vivid, and even though it is so alien to my upbringing in the north of england, i feel like i can imagine everything perfectly.

  34. This post is my favourite: http://www.worshipblues.com/search?q=diana

    I remember quite a few months ago when I was just randomly browsing through your photo posts and found this one. It made me want the Diana Mini even more.

    Thanks for organizing this!

  35. What an intriguing giveaway my dear! I hope whoever wins it can tell us more about its contents :)

    You know how much your "Mamma used to say" piece affected me, but I have to say that your post about Hiro's Ojiisan (from last December) was a delight for me to read as well! Between the two, sorry, can't choose...

    Nina x

  36. I have two favourite posts and one image that stays in my mind. Firstly http://www.worshipblues.com/2010/12/jamhuri-day.html just because i feel like my parents and my elders did as described in that post. Washing their uniforms and not having much at all.

    Secondly is
    http://www.worshipblues.com/search/label/Zanzibar . What can I say?

    'Have you ever been to a place where your heart longs to return to?'

    Thirdly is an image you posted that I have not forgotten. Simply because I want to go there. I can't find it now, but it must have been well over a year ago, in your jaunts around Dalston and the like, you stopped at a tea shop. It was oldy worldy and looked so cosy.

  37. usually, I dont take part in give aways but this one sounds very exciting. so I was already a "resident" and I am now a "lover of shiny fings" too. And I wandered with a great pleasure throughout your blog to find my favourite post and I fell in love with this one : "Nopperabo" that I found very moving.. But I really love all your posts, in particular your sublime photos (I remember photos of japan that were magnificent).

  38. Hello!!

    The 'Case of a Lost Weekend' is my favourite post as I love Christmas Fairs and I must say the Finnish one you went to looks absolutely lovely! =) xxx

  39. If I had to choose, it would be this post about Hiro: http://www.worshipblues.com/2011/06/my-blog-would-be-blimmin-wubbish.html

    It just made me feel warm and fuzzy ^_^ hehe I always love the photos on your blog and I find it so adoring that Hiro supports your hobby and takes such great photos! And he seems to be an amazing cook too!

  40. I've been a quiet follower of your blog for the past year, but something about that box...makes me curious enough to enter this giveaway.

    First off, I just wanted to say that I like how you share a little bit of yourself in each post. It's the posts of your recent likes, everyday life and creative photography that made me a follower.

    A recent favorite post has been Cloudscapes - Dalston Skies (http://www.worshipblues.com/2011/05/cloudscapes-dalston-skies.html). Something about the last two pictures of the sunset is just so stunning.

  41. Hi dear~ just had to enter that box is beautiful!<3

    Just wanted to share my favorite posts with you~ I always admire your shiny findings and was saddened when you stopped making them for a while... ;_; but so glad you started back again! I still wear your beautiful butterfly earrings<3<3

    but here are my favorite post of your creation so beautiful~ tortured pearl necklace :) http://www.worshipblues.com/2009/10/tortured-pearls-necklace.html

    Also I love it when you post about food & recipes!! Love this nori sardine one!! :drools: ;D~ http://www.worshipblues.com/2011/01/worship-kitchen-sardine-nori-pietart.html

    please dont ever stop creating again Hun!! Good luck and thank you for this beautiful blog~ p.s I fancy all your tea cups!! So pretty and beautiful I heart & I want that mint green polka dot cup set~ hehe X3

  42. I quite remember that day in late afternoon when I stumbled upon your blog while searching for a beauty item. What drew me in was Homer's quote on your banner. The first impressions of your blog sent me entering into an actual room. In it, I saw your life, your passions, your beautiful pictures. House of Blues. I wondered, why, does she feel blue? Is the blue a melancholy kind of blue? I too, feel blue most often than not.

    Although I do not quite remember the first post I read on your blog, your post about Hiro's grandfather struck a cord in me. Like you, I haven't had the pleasure of knowing my grandfather. I saw him alive, yes, but he always seemed so distant and consumed in his affairs that it felt like to him I was but one of the many grandchildren populating his old age. Like Hiro's grandfather, he was fluent in English despite spending most of his adulthood in China. He wrote poetry, drank coffee, tended the gardens, climbed trees, did as he pleased and not as society dictated. He was truly an artist in his own right. Your pictures in that post transported me to his room, and I felt longing and wonderment at once.


  43. How exciting!
    I love many many of your posts (and basically all the pictures!), but my fave so far is the "year-2011-charter". So inspiring!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. My favourite blog is the first one I read...http://www.worshipblues.com/2011/04/greedy-bunny-guzzler.html
    it was the one that introduced me to your interests, reviews, gorgeous photography, and lovely shiny fings.....lilmouseybrown....

  45. Hi
    My favorite post of yours is the "why do I blog" post
    I like how you express yourself
    I blog to express my random disjointed feelings.

  46. It is hard to single out one post, but if I had to pick one it would be your announcement in March that you would be once again making shiny fings. It was fab to see your past creations and to know there would be new surprises to come.

  47. Which is your favorite Worshipblues blog post ever?
    Maqy 16, 2011 - Marvellous Mint Mask + Some Disgusting Pores.
    I don't know why seeing your blackheads excited me so much but I can't wait to try the Innisfree Pore Mask Pack now :D

  48. Currently banging my head against the wall for being too late to enter your giveaway!! Alas Ive been gone from blog world for far too long! Its still the 15th in the US if that counts... ;) Anyway, I'd still like to tell you, my favorite post was the one of your mum, so beautiful and so special. Also whenever you write about the motherland. I can feel your passion and warmth towards your beloved home Kenya. :)

    How have you been dearest Old Cow?

  49. awwww missed it by 1 day! :(

  50. I know exactly which post is my fave, bc I starred that particular post in my google reader. The post "Once A Long Time Ago, We Went to Rhodes." I have always wanted to visit the Greek islands and the pictures just made me want to go even more. When I think of Greece, the pics you have on your post are what I think of, not what they have been showing in the press. The water so blue.... and clear. Its one of my fave posts bc it reminds that there are still many countries that I want to visit!

  51. I really like your new blog finds. I'm always curious to see what blogs other people read, especially the people I follow, so thanks for sharing! I'm always curious to see where people find their inspirations and your interests are so varied!

  52. Hi :) Thanks for hosting this giveaway. From what I've seen posted on your blog and at the emporium, I'm sure what's inside will be full of lovely "fings." Even the box is stunning :D

    I've been kind of a silent follower (due to my busy schedule and general shyness to say hi), but I'll have to say my favourite posts are those of your trip to Japan. I'm kind of a foodie (not so much on the cooking, more so on the eating), so I really liked staring at those pics of edible Japanese delights, specially the ones your in laws prepared for you (the sashimi looked really good ...). Kind of a superficial reason, but I'll have to say it's my fave :D

  53. I like all your posts, especially the ones about makeup or food (cookies, tea, sushi...)! One of my favorite posts is this one http://www.worshipblues.com/2010/11/best-of-2010-round-up-face-edition.html

  54. Hi Yasumi! I've held off entering so far because I honestly couldn't decide which post of yours is my favorite haha. I love so many of them! I particularly love your "Fings What I Like" series, and I always, always love your tea posts - it's so much fun to find fellow tea fanatics and I don't know if I've ever told you but I'm always in such admiration and jealousy over your teacup collection! I love teacups and I collect them (but so far really only the Asian sets of four). I've been planning on putting in shelves in my room so I can start collecting books and proper teacups and saucers hehe. I can't wait until I have the space to display them. =)

    So anyway - I think I'd have to say that my absolute favorite post of yours was the "Fings What I Like #4" with the ice cream and the Big Love spoon. (http://www.worshipblues.com/2011/03/fings-what-i-like-4.html) I adore that picture, and ice cream and those spoons! :D

  55. I have to be honest with you and say that I am a recent reader of your blog. However, this has got to be the most beautiful blog I have subscribed to! The pictures are soooooo beautiful! Whether it is of city scenes or nail polish close ups... it is all eye candy to me!

    It is hard to pick a favorite post but I have to say that currently I am loving your Paris posts and not because they are your recent posts but, again, because of all the beautiful photographs... through your photographs I feel myself transported to that very same spot... I am living vicariously through all your posts :)


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