We remember you Sicilia

We remember the textures of your town walls, and the irregular movement of your streets.

To us your ways were enchanting, and in the scorching heat, we were mesmerised.

We who are bound to the ways of Worshipblues see much beauty in tumbledown decaying buildings. We explore the forgotten and we lurk in the rubble. Sicilia allowed us this freedom.


  1. Beautiful photos, it looks so peaceful and makes me warm inside. x

  2. Is it Palermo? It is beautiful. I too love peely painty walls. Xxxx

  3. beautiful photos..love the sepia tone!!

  4. These are quite beautiful. You know, your photographs make me get lost in daydreams and I can actually imagine myself walking through these places. It's something I can't quite explain, but they make me feel as if I can smell, taste, and feel the air...
    as if I can feel the ground beneath my feet...
    as if I have actually been there.
    It fulfills my travelling heart if only for a moment :)

    so thank you for that dear

  5. visiting your blog is like taking a little vacation every day :)

  6. Incredible beauty! Thanks for sharing these. I love old decaying buildings.

    There's a certain romance to it all. They've got stories to tell and if you listen closely, you'll fall in love...

  7. You would love some parts of Athens then. John, my OH has the same obsession with photographing beautiful, decrepit, moribund structures...

  8. Italy is such a wonderfully romantic country.. Those photos are wonderful : i especially love the last one..

  9. love the decayed look of the buildings - i wonder how the photos look in B&W?


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