So many eyes

I am a fiend for great architecture both modern and old. Hiro on the other hand is far more selective. 

Like London, Paris has it's share of MUST SEE buildings. So, I defy anyone to compile such a list without including The Institute du Monde Arabe by Jean Nouvel.  This is a sight to behold as it is ornate in detail, it is uncompromisingly angular against the age old Seine.

The facade borrows inspiration from traditional Arabic patterns but is truly avant garde in its practicality.

Like a thousand eyes, the mechanisms are built to dilate to according to daylight conditions. The external view is wondrous but the lighting effect inside is breathtaking. It felt a bit "Bladerunner-like".The rawness of the glass against steel with the spectacular light display around us.

Now it just so happened that the Zaha Hadid's Chanel Mobile Art Pavillion was sat in the shadows of the Institute while we were there. I have since learned that this shall be it's permanent home and I must say, that these two building make a stunning contrast. I am not a Hadid fan, her famously curvy or complex shaped structures fail to move me. I know this is because of my deep rooted adoration for straight clean lines. Nonetheless, the Chanel Pavilion looks fantastic in it's new home.

The starchitect battle: Nouvel vs Hadid. I think Nouvel won this battle.


  1. Stunning architectural photos! I have to admit I love architecture when I see it like this but I never have the patience to notice it when I'm just walking around!

  2. Very informative. Love the photos in this post.


  3. Actually you're not alone there, I also prefer clean straight lines to curves! The Nouvel buidling looks simply breathtaking! I must go to see it when I am in Paris later this summer. I'll let you know if I change my mind about the two close up!

  4. Thank you for your welcome home comment. It is lovely to be speaking with you again. Were you in Paris for your 1st anniversary? If memory serves correctly it should be about now? The building is amazing. I partictularly love the second to last shot. Beautiful. Xxxx

  5. I too am a big architecture fan. This building certainly has got great attributes. I like the way you shot it and the narrative.

  6. Wow, I've been there too!!!
    It's really great building.
    and your pics are amazing :)


  7. Beautiful photos and I love the contrast of the big, fat, voluptous curve against the rigidity of the straight lines. I am all about the curves, in pretty much every aspect of my life tbh!!

  8. these pictures are stunning! I love it!

  9. So beautiful! I wish to go there one day ^.^ xx

  10. i love architecture. it's so fascinating what ppl can create! if I had enough patience & creativity, i would consider being an architect haha

  11. these are wonderful shots. the contrast between the two opposed vision of architecture is indeedvery interesting.


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