Persistent note maker

I am a persistent note maker. I scribble my way through each day and each plan and each conversation with myself.

The funny thing is, that despite my most earnest intentions, I am never quite as organised as I would like. This is so frustrating!

The notebook above is my newest companion. It was a generous gift from MACnunu and I am very fond of it.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Macnunu has fab taste!

  2. I make notes about EVERYTHING...lol
    That notebook is SUPER pretty!!

  3. I'm glad you like it! it screamed "YASUMI!" when I looked at it :)
    I am a persistent note maker too, despite all the iPhones and Blackberrys, I still carry a pen and a notebook in my bag.

  4. Oh it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Unfortunately because I'm still studying, the only notebook I use regularly is an A5 pukka pad! The day when I can have a gorgeous notepad is when I know everything already and don't have to make copious notes about what I don' t know!


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