My fanaticism for sheet masks is undying and growing in curiosity.

I have recently discovered Love More sheet masks and have been testing out the Australia Agar-Agar lifting version.

Quite frankly the "lifting" effect is rubbish BUT it does do the trick when it comes to light moisturising and it smells clean and fresh. I probably wont buy these particular ones again as there are much better sheet masks out there but isn't the packaging cute?

Fans of MBD may not be balled over by these masks as they are not super thin sheets. Instead, they are quite thick and have a waffle texture that helps them adhere to the face a bit better.

Love More masks are quite tricky to track down. I bought mine from Secretive Singapore.


  1. Hey doll! I’m stopping by everyone who has left me sweet comments on this blog to let them know I’ve moved it! I’ll still be www.tasteofapoisonparadise.com. But the new official url is http://tastemypoisonparadise.tumblr.com/. It’s no longer blogger, but you can still follow it through tumblr or subscribe so it goes to your email. Looking forward to more lovely comments from you! <3

  2. Hows your masking-everyday plan going? :D Has it helped your complexion at all? Although you probably got thrown off by the allergic reaction at any rate! :(

    The packaging is super adorable! For a second I thought it was a real envelope in my blogger preview reader thing!

  3. Although you don't fancy the mask much, you are right the packaging is lovely!


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