Look how far we have come

It was once about black and white.

It is now a rainbow.

My mixed heritage spans far and has deep roots in South Africa. It is always a pleasure to be able to visit this amazing country and Cape Town is a definite highlight for me.

These photos were taken with a plastic film camera (Superheadz Slim Angel) using 35mm Fujifilm 400 Provia film. I have scanned them to share with you. I hope that you like them.


  1. gorgeous photos!! thanks for sharing with us =]

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos! It is definitely something to think about again. I do like your snaps a lot!

    It's wonderful that you embrace your mixed heritage! I often wish my own was a bit more interesting and varied, but I suppose it's what you make of it that counts?

  3. Don't you think that rainbows are beautiful?
    Rainbows in natural phenomena, a rainbow of people, rainbows in our hearts
    Diversity in any form is interesting and a blessing

  4. That first bench makes me want to cry...not too long ago I wouldn't have been able to sit on that bench, but my husband could. Look how far we've come is right!!

    Beautiful pictures..I love rainbows.


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