Kaki Furai

Hiro makes mega yummy kaki furai (deep fried oysters)!

This is a great alternative for those that don't like raw oysters or for when you cannot get fresh oysters. As I cannot supply you with Hiro's recipe, I have found a great one here: Kaki furai recipe

If you do try this at home, do try and get some panko (Japanese breadcrumbs). They fry oh so well and turn out perfectly crispy.

Get your own panko here: Japan Centre


  1. oh my god...I'm drooling right now. I haven't had fried oysters since I was little.

  2. wow that looks delicious!! I've tried this at a couple Japanese restaurants here in the US but they've all been ok. This one looks like it tastes 100x better ^_^

  3. oh~~ it looks so yummy!! T^T I'm drooling....

    so far I've only tried making Okonomiyaki at home but my next try will be this one. hehe~

  4. Oh yummy! I like my Kaki Furai with ponzu!


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