I want to stay in a tree house...

One day, I quite fancy a trip to Sweden. I want to stay in a hotel in the trees....WAAAAAHAAAAAAAY up there ↑.

I cannot believe that such a hotel exists. It's like an answer to my whimsical wishes.

The TreeHotel.

I would like to stay in the Mirrored Cube.

Or even the Bird's Nest!

I now need to save, save, save for this adventure!!

Website: TreeHotel


  1. hehe the treehotel reminds me of the silly antics of arashi during one of their variety shows...

    and i would love to keep exiting and entering these hotels cause i get to the megazip to reach the ground! err or i hope it does allow for the customers to do that haha..

  2. Have you seen the igloo hotel..?? And the underwater hotel..??

  3. Quite interesting but I guess I'd prefer a normal hotel. haha~

  4. I'm going to check out that hotel now!!! I love the glass one :) I wonder if they have a weight restriction there?

  5. Wow..never heard of/seen tree hotels before! Certainly something to look up! :D

  6. This is so cool! Take me with you!! :P
    The tree sauna looks awesome too! xx

  7. whoaaaa i love the glass one! but if it's see-thru....i'd have to rethink it lol...i don't want animals watching me sleep >.<

  8. the bird nest looks really interesting!!!


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