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I have been using sleeping masks for a while now but it wasn't until I tweeted about them did I realise that not all my readers know what I am babbling on about. I hope that this little summary is helpful to you as I really enjoy using them.

What are sleeping masks?
Well they are gel type moisturisers that can be used 2-3 times a week as your final skincare step before you hit the sack. Sleeping masks boost the moisture levels for your skin with the aim of you you waking up with a glowy moisturised face.

I know that ladies with oiler skin types use these masks alone before bedtime. However, my dry skin needs my normal night cream etc beneath it to see real benefits in the morning.

Laneige Sleeping Pack

This is probably the most popular sleeping mask available. Thanks to Vanity-Fashionista, I got to try this for myself.

I love this mask and have since ordered more! It has a light texture that sinks right with no sticky residue. I like the light clean and fresh fragrance and find that it dissipates after a few minutes.

After using this, I wake up in the mornings with super soft plump skin. I would not hesitate to recommend this to fellow dry skinned ladies.

Read more about the Laneige Sleeping Pack here.

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack

I am a fan of most things green tea and so it was only logical for me to try this.

I am very happy to report that I like this too! The Innisfree mask leaves a slightly sticky residue on the skin but I don't mind this at all as it is probably more moisturising than the Laneige one above. I use this in winter and when my skin feels super dry and I always wake in the morning with skin that feels well nourished and

Oh the little white particles you see above dissipate on the skin when applying the mask I think they add extra moisture!

The Mutli Tasker
Although these are essentially wash off masks ( you are supposed to wash them off in the morning), I think that their uses are far reaching:

  • I never fly long haul without the Laneige Sleeping Pack. This stuff works wonders against cabin air.
  • I keep the Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping mask in the fridge and use it on hot days after sun exposure and it is extremely cooling and comforting and great to use on the body too.
I have a few samples of these sleeping masks and will be offering them up to my UK followers very soon so do keep your eyes 'pon the blog.


  1. Must try this for long haul flights. Heaven knows i already put enough stuff on my face before bed!

  2. ooh i have a vote for banila co sleeping mask. its brillant! freshel's new whitening gel all in one is excellent too.

  3. OooH long haul flights, maybe I need to invest in this as my skin literally decides to hate me after every flight.

  4. I'm glad you love the Langeige sleeping mask too!
    I totally want to try the Innisfree one too! Going to find it on gmarket! xxx

  5. The Laneige sleeping mask sounds great, thanks for the tip on using it on long haul flights!

  6. You learn something new every day! The Laneige sleeping mask sounds good to me - thanks for the tip on using it for long flights!

  7. i love sleeping masks!! my skin is really dry too. They're perfect since I'm lazy. Plus you always wake up w such moisturized & glowy skin haha

  8. Thanks for the review
    I think i am going to try the green tea mask

  9. I just started using sleeping masks by Naruko and I'm still experimenting. I still love my sheet masks more but I think sleeping masks for long haul flights are genius — you get the hydration without the scare factor ;-)

  10. Oh wow, you use it on long haul flights, awesome! I've only used the Laniege one once so far, next time I'll try it after using night cream. Thanks for the tips! You def make me want to try the Innisfree one too, hehe.

  11. This is great! I have heard of sleeping mask but never tried one! After reading this I will make sure to try one ASAP!


  12. I LOVE THE laneige one.. but i'm curious about the innisfree one :D would love to try it. where can i purchase that?

  13. Oh I have never heard of these, they look perfect for my dry old face!


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