Fings What I Like: Heads on my wall

Growing up in the heart of the safari lands meant that from very young seeing the evidence of absurd decapitations adorning the walls of lodges was the norm.

I spotted these quirksome twists in that tale in Liberty recently and I must say....that the safari-girl-now-southern-fairy really likes them!


  1. That goat head makes me think of The Magus by John Fowles, lol.

  2. heads on walls freak me out!!!!

  3. As probably everyone in my family who wants to call themselves a man hunts, I can't call a place home if its walls aren't covered with some decapitated prey. I have a wild boar's head in my livingroom :D. These seem like a lot more cleaner option though. I love how they look on a blue wall!

  4. i didn't realize your hair was so long!!!! im my imagination your hair is short and bobble like....

    by gosh has hair changed!


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