Come walk with me

Let us saunter through Paris together.

Let us marvel at at the embracing locks, declarations of love from romantics near and far that grapple with each other on Le Ponte des Artes.

There is so much to gawp at in this city.

And, sometimes the sights gawp right back at you.

Parisian streets are layered with intricate details and varied textures.

Old over new, beneath strange, besides beautiful.

There are fascinating conversations to be had.

And of course wonderful moments to capture on film.

I have sent a few rolls of film to the Darkroom today. I love the anticipation x


  1. Very romantic and charming post!

  2. i love the narration. beautiful indeed!

  3. Amazing Photos, You look stunning!



  4. I love your blog design dear! It's gorgeous

  5. Amazing photos again!

    I'm so adoring your high bun hairstyle! I've watched quite a few tutorials on how to do this hair, but still couldn't achieve... worst hair person ever!! :p

  6. aww i love how Hiro always capture you in the pictures. beautiful!

  7. I want to take a walk with you..oh the things you see!

  8. I'm so in love with Paris... I have goosebumps just reading this and looking at your beautiful photographs. Agree you are just stunning btw, esp in the last pic with your camera - & I love your blouse. :)

    Nic x
    Beauty Blogger


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