Clear last genius BB cream

Here is another BB cream that is currently sitting in my BB arsenal. The Clear Last brand comes from the Japanese B&C Lab stable and are known primarily for their quality base makeup. Here is the website: B&C LABS

I use the Clear Last Genius BB cream in Natural Ochre.

The 1st thing to note with this is that it has a strong grey tint to it. Thankfully this oxidises very quickly on my face and within a few minutes it matches my tone rather well. I tend to reach for this BB cream when I am having spotty days as I have found that it really helps clear up my complexion. This is a creamy textured, moisturising BB that applies smoothly and provides medium coverage with SPF30 PA+++

All in all I am happy that I have it and I get a lot of use out of it especially in the winter months. I think it will serve combination/dry skins very well as it is soothing yet moisturising and leaves a fresh looking slightly dewy finish.

Oh, did I mention that this is unscented and that it does not contain mineral oil? It is! I prefer my BB creams this way.

You can get this from Ichibankao.


  1. Packagine looks great...can you get this in UK?


  2. It's a genius XD! Asian products names FTW ^^ I like how sleek and minimalist the packaging is :)

  3. Interesting! I'm currently in Asia and there's BB creams very corner I turn! As a MUA I'm tempted to buy loads but am not sure which ones to buy and also whether it would be any good for work! Thanks once again for this, am a huge fan of your site after being recommended it by Jane BBB. X

  4. Sweet~.

    Now if only they made BB cream for the darker folks in the world... Haha.


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