A bit of burnt cream and the philosophers stone

I prefer the French term; "crème brûlée". Forget what you may have tried before! You absolutely must try this in France for it is beyond divine.

I indulged in this favoured treat in a little cafe in the back streets away from tourist epicentre of Paris.

La Peitite Place
16, rue du parc royal
75003 Paris.

I think this area of Paris is called "Le Marais". This is a quartier filled with conceptual art galleries, young fashion designers, boutiques, antiques shops, cafes, elegant hotels and more. The old and new blur their seams together along these narrow streets.

The Jewish community who have been here for over 600 years go about their daily grind along side the gay population that have taken up residence here in more recent years. Le Maris is one of Paris' oldest and best preserved areas. French royalty resided here, the Duke of Orleans was assassinated here and Victor Hugo once lived here too.

Harry Potter fans might like to know that the oldest house in Paris can be found here. It was the home of Nicolas Flamel. Sound familiar? He was the manuscript seller and alchemist who penned the Philosopher's Stone in 1612. It is said that Nicolas Flamel willed his home to the City as a dormitory for the poor upon the condition that those who stayed here would pray for his soul.

Le Marais is a lively and thoroughly interesting area and certainly one of my favourite areas in Paris.


  1. Looks like a magical place!

  2. I absolutely <3 your photos!!

    The crème brûlée looks really burnt!! When I tried this for the first time I was very hesitant because it looked really burnt. ^^;; But you're right it tastes incredible!!

  3. I ordered myself some crème brûlée...gone in one spoonful LOL


  4. Wow, that crème brûlée looks amazing! I haven't been to Paris in a long time but reading this post makes me want to visit, very much.

  5. Crème brûlée. I had one when I was Paris and it literally melted in my mouth. It was SO yummy!
    I miss the onion soup and the escargots, too...

    That little HP fact is quite interesting. I'm ashamed to say that though I'm a fan of the books, this little tidbit has escaped me.

  6. *sign* someday...someday I'll travel to Paris and have myself some crème brûlée...I can see it now...me sitting there enjoying every single bit of it..YUM!! lol

  7. just had crème brulee yesterday! sinful and delicious~

  8. oooooh, DELIGHTFUL!!! i've never had creme brulee before, it looks delicioso!


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