I have been stricken by a dreaded lurgy and so am bed ridden for a few days. This is a great pity as I have a tidy little stack of tales to tell about my latest adventure.

I got rather fed up of coughing and spluttering away to myself so here are a few snaps from my destination.

Can you guess where I was?


  1. So sorry you were unwell, my lovely.
    warmly hope you are feeling better.
    Am unfamilar with the Guessing game, so unable to guess your location;-)

  2. Can we share germs? Mine aren't QUITE ready to leave me even though I am trying to shove them out the door as they are being very rude houseguests and overstaying their welcome!

    I can't wait to find out where you went!

  3. oooh! Gay Paree! looking forward to more pics!

  4. Bless you! Hope you get well soon.
    I've no idea...Paris?

  5. Hmmmmmm....I have no idea...Paris? lol I'll be embarrassed if I'm not even close to guessing where you were lmao. Anyway, welcome back and get well soon =)By the way I love the rustic photos...great shots!

  6. Is it gay paris? I'm not sure...fantastic images though
    ...i thought we were goin to easter island? You stood me up ;)

  7. I love your photos..keep them coming :) especially the vintaging look


  8. Welcome home! Sorry to hear you've caught a lurgy of some description! I think there are a few lurking about, as I also seem to have picked up one :(

    I cannot wait to hear your tales! Well, I suppose I better had wait, don't want you exerting yourself over posts for silly readers like me!

    I'm no good at guessing places from photos, but I caught a glimpse of your tweets last night..something about Paris?

  9. Roooomaaa...

    (I though I recognize that bridge close to the Vatican)



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