So many eyes

I am a fiend for great architecture both modern and old. Hiro on the other hand is far more selective. 

Like London, Paris has it's share of MUST SEE buildings. So, I defy anyone to compile such a list without including The Institute du Monde Arabe by Jean Nouvel.  This is a sight to behold as it is ornate in detail, it is uncompromisingly angular against the age old Seine.

The facade borrows inspiration from traditional Arabic patterns but is truly avant garde in its practicality.

Like a thousand eyes, the mechanisms are built to dilate to according to daylight conditions. The external view is wondrous but the lighting effect inside is breathtaking. It felt a bit "Bladerunner-like".The rawness of the glass against steel with the spectacular light display around us.

Now it just so happened that the Zaha Hadid's Chanel Mobile Art Pavillion was sat in the shadows of the Institute while we were there. I have since learned that this shall be it's permanent home and I must say, that these two building make a stunning contrast. I am not a Hadid fan, her famously curvy or complex shaped structures fail to move me. I know this is because of my deep rooted adoration for straight clean lines. Nonetheless, the Chanel Pavilion looks fantastic in it's new home.

The starchitect battle: Nouvel vs Hadid. I think Nouvel won this battle.

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Fings what I like #16

Pretty little confectioners.

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Allez tout droit

The flea market at Porte de Cligancourt was closed. Such a great shame!

However, the empty paths were fun to walk though. Such curious characters lurk around this area. Dubious dealers, shifty movers and very old prossies (like 60 and over?)......and me who is not a prossie but still rather old and apparently odd!

Black linen shorts from Oasis,
Leopard silk shirt second hand for £3!
Leggings from
Gold sandals from Office
Sunnies from Tiffany's
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This is a secret....

If you are clever enough to guess where these were taken, then I beg you to hold your tongue! It is a secret!


Don't tell anyone!
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Get your beauty sleep

I have been using sleeping masks for a while now but it wasn't until I tweeted about them did I realise that not all my readers know what I am babbling on about. I hope that this little summary is helpful to you as I really enjoy using them.

What are sleeping masks?
Well they are gel type moisturisers that can be used 2-3 times a week as your final skincare step before you hit the sack. Sleeping masks boost the moisture levels for your skin with the aim of you you waking up with a glowy moisturised face.

I know that ladies with oiler skin types use these masks alone before bedtime. However, my dry skin needs my normal night cream etc beneath it to see real benefits in the morning.

Laneige Sleeping Pack

This is probably the most popular sleeping mask available. Thanks to Vanity-Fashionista, I got to try this for myself.

I love this mask and have since ordered more! It has a light texture that sinks right with no sticky residue. I like the light clean and fresh fragrance and find that it dissipates after a few minutes.

After using this, I wake up in the mornings with super soft plump skin. I would not hesitate to recommend this to fellow dry skinned ladies.

Read more about the Laneige Sleeping Pack here.

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack

I am a fan of most things green tea and so it was only logical for me to try this.

I am very happy to report that I like this too! The Innisfree mask leaves a slightly sticky residue on the skin but I don't mind this at all as it is probably more moisturising than the Laneige one above. I use this in winter and when my skin feels super dry and I always wake in the morning with skin that feels well nourished and

Oh the little white particles you see above dissipate on the skin when applying the mask I think they add extra moisture!

The Mutli Tasker
Although these are essentially wash off masks ( you are supposed to wash them off in the morning), I think that their uses are far reaching:

  • I never fly long haul without the Laneige Sleeping Pack. This stuff works wonders against cabin air.
  • I keep the Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping mask in the fridge and use it on hot days after sun exposure and it is extremely cooling and comforting and great to use on the body too.
I have a few samples of these sleeping masks and will be offering them up to my UK followers very soon so do keep your eyes 'pon the blog.
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Peach melba

Barry M's Peach Melba shade is so lovely yet so blooming streaky!

This is such a pity because I really do like it.

I have a 2 coat policy. If a polish doesnt look super with 2 coats then it is NOT one to rave about however how fab the colour is. This polish however, needs 3 coats.

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The lip smacker

This was a generous and thoughtful gift from the lovely Vanity-fashionista. I ♥ it!

Dior Addict Couture Lipstick #864

This is a vibrant cherry pink that is sheer, buildable and effortless to apply. I love the moisturising slick sheen of a finish that feels silky and light on the lips. Highly recommended.

Thank you Vicky
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Currently reading............

"Everyone may be ordinary, but they're not normal."

"Silence floated up from the receiver like smoke from the mouth of a gun."
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Double exposure

I got my 1st roll of 120mm film back from The Dark Room. It is always nice to nudge one's memory this way.

This was taken with my Diana F+ Qing Hua.

I like double exposures. They are suitably dreamlike and capture more than just an image, they capture imagination too.
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Look how far we have come

It was once about black and white.

It is now a rainbow.

My mixed heritage spans far and has deep roots in South Africa. It is always a pleasure to be able to visit this amazing country and Cape Town is a definite highlight for me.

These photos were taken with a plastic film camera (Superheadz Slim Angel) using 35mm Fujifilm 400 Provia film. I have scanned them to share with you. I hope that you like them.
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Under the spell of Niigata

I cannot shake the rapture of our trip to Niigata last year. I was deeply moved by the way that people live.

When I tire of urban life...I will head for the countryside. Deep down inside me, I will always be a country girl. I want a mango farm.

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I want to stay in a tree house...

One day, I quite fancy a trip to Sweden. I want to stay in a hotel in the trees....WAAAAAHAAAAAAAY up there ↑.

I cannot believe that such a hotel exists. It's like an answer to my whimsical wishes.

The TreeHotel.

I would like to stay in the Mirrored Cube.

Or even the Bird's Nest!

I now need to save, save, save for this adventure!!

Website: TreeHotel
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My fanaticism for sheet masks is undying and growing in curiosity.

I have recently discovered Love More sheet masks and have been testing out the Australia Agar-Agar lifting version.

Quite frankly the "lifting" effect is rubbish BUT it does do the trick when it comes to light moisturising and it smells clean and fresh. I probably wont buy these particular ones again as there are much better sheet masks out there but isn't the packaging cute?

Fans of MBD may not be balled over by these masks as they are not super thin sheets. Instead, they are quite thick and have a waffle texture that helps them adhere to the face a bit better.

Love More masks are quite tricky to track down. I bought mine from Secretive Singapore.

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Persistent note maker

I am a persistent note maker. I scribble my way through each day and each plan and each conversation with myself.

The funny thing is, that despite my most earnest intentions, I am never quite as organised as I would like. This is so frustrating!

The notebook above is my newest companion. It was a generous gift from MACnunu and I am very fond of it.

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Come walk with me

Let us saunter through Paris together.

Let us marvel at at the embracing locks, declarations of love from romantics near and far that grapple with each other on Le Ponte des Artes.

There is so much to gawp at in this city.

And, sometimes the sights gawp right back at you.

Parisian streets are layered with intricate details and varied textures.

Old over new, beneath strange, besides beautiful.

There are fascinating conversations to be had.

And of course wonderful moments to capture on film.

I have sent a few rolls of film to the Darkroom today. I love the anticipation x
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