YSL : Rosey Cheeks

I am a bit surprised that there is so little noise about YSL Variation Blush.

It was good enough for me to spend my Boots Advantage Cards points on after all.

I have Pink Bloom #2 and it is a warm toned rosy glowing pink blush without the shimmer over load. You get 2 squares of matte colour alongside 2 squares of a more shimmery colour. The shimmer is not over powering and has more of pearly halo about it. I am also happy that this is not too drying for my normally parched cheeks.

The texture is fabulous and it goes on to my cheeks very well. The pigment is perfect as it is not too bold so I can use this in a rush without fear of stepping out with hideous clown face.

This is well worth checking out if you are on the hunt for a new pink blush.

This is the best "free blush" I have tried yet.

Available from the usual places, Boots, Debenhams, HoF etc


  1. This is so pretty! I admit that I rarely look at YSL because it's a bit hard to get in Calgary (only available at 3 stores) + the price markup is ridiculous!

    But this is lovely :) I'm glad you found a powder blush that isn't too drying!

  2. I've often wondered about trying these blushes. They look so nice. I'll take another look next time I'm in Debs. xx

  3. I'm a silly billy but that's my own fault. I can't help myself when I get points ad spend them as soon as I can. The last "high end" thing I bought with my points was Urban Decay's Primer Potion and even that was only £9 or so but that's my problem, I can't save them for my life.

    I'm currently sitting on £10 worth of points and I've had to give my card to Simon (it's that bad) so I clock the points but he makes sure I don't spend them on silly things.

  4. for "free"! how amazing :) it looks so pretty.


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