Worshipblues Supports Tacheles

Hiro and I did very little research on Berlin before we landed there. We just let our feet and guts lead the way and hoped that serendipity would be kind to us.

It was a stroke of good fortune that we found ourselves in Kunthaus Tacheles.

"Art house Tacheles" was once a large shopping centre that stood in Berlin's Jewish quarter. Though it suffered little damage during the war, it was used as a Nazi administration office and it's 5th floor as a prison to detain French captives.

The building stood as a neglected ruin until the 1990's when a group of artists took it over. After the wall came down, Tacheles grew into a well known centre of art drawing in artists from all over the globe.

Today, Tacheles stands as a fascinating structure with a vibrant and exciting heart of art studios and exhibtion/performance space. The interior was a joy to explore and photograph.

Could I be more inappropriately dressed for this occasion? Ah well! I actually like the contradiction.

Today Tacheles is in danger! The prime location has caught the eyes of greedy developers and they have ear marked the property for conversion into luxury apartments. How devastating that would be.

There is an international movement to save Tacheles from such a sorry fate.

Please do take a look: I SUPPORT TACHELES

Photos by Wurst Fotografie Studio
with Worshipblues
Cobalt blue pleated culottes from Rare

Cream silk blouse from Zara

Red ballerinas from Kurt Geiger

Teal leather bag from Marc Jacobs


  1. these are REALLY wonderful photos..........

  2. Amazing pics!!!
    I love those background :)

  3. Such a great pics!!
    I adore those background :)

  4. looks like an old pplace but a pretty place to make photos =D

  5. Oh my... I can't imagine the energy you feel just standing there. It must be amazing!

  6. i just love the colours in this in it's derelict state.

  7. I had heard about this place. Sorry to hear it is under threat. Xxxx

  8. @Hitomi Kato-Moore

    Or the Tricolor or USA or maybe just maybe.......no flag at all.

  9. Stunning pics! I LOVE Berlin. I've been there many times and enjoy everything about it. A beautiful and magical city.


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