I spent all the points on my loyalty cards, spent all my vouchers and gift cards on frivolous silly things that are not all that silly because they make me smile....silly!

Feels good to know that my bank balance remained untouched today.


Do you stock up points on your loyalty cards for a splurge? Do you have a favourite loyalty card? Mine is the Boots Advantage Card without a doubt!


  1. Eeee wonderful goodies!!!
    Can't wait for swatches!
    I love the boots advantage card and the debenhams one too <3 xx

  2. Ooh yay :D I only have a Boots loyalty card, as a makeup artist I'm always in Boots so it would be silly not to take advantage of their points system. I dunno how many points I have though, probs not enough for anything yet.

  3. Wohoo... such a lovely splurge! Yay for the untouched bank account!

  4. I love my Boots loyalty card. I've like £20 plus on it or something. Gonna spend it all this Xmas (I know it's a longgg way away)

  5. Interesting, I didn't know Boots stock Armani and Nars?
    What did you get from Nars? I'm so curious!

  6. I want to see more of this nude glow...

  7. i wish i had a better loyalty card - but i like my CHASE credit card haha! gives me the most points back to how much i spend - plus i can use it everywhere versus just one store. but.. hey. you know. i love your items!


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