Shouting from the rooftops.

Being a loud mouf by nature, I'd like to scream a little about some of my new blog finds. I like people that put some soul and sweat into what they do...whatever it maybe. I like people that follow their heart and imagination...forget what the conventional think!

These are true treasures and I hope that you will like them as much as I do:

Soapy Mermaid
This blog makes me smile with each visit. I look forward to her posts and I am never let down. It's full of heart and is much like a magical picture book full of delights.

Tokyo fashion-HOLIC

I like Saya's style. Her photos are fab and her backdrops very well considered. A great new way to showcase her Tokyo.


Because his blog makes me go "oooooooooooooooooooooooooh".

Follow these blogs! You won't regret it x


  1. Glad to see that you're back in the saddle, hun! looking forward to meeting again soon!

  2. Great post - I'll be sure to check them all out x

  3. so these are the ppls you are stalking on. And great to hear you enjoyed them! i'm joining you!! *TADA click followed click followed click followed*

  4. GOOOShhh...I love your discoveries.

    Sometimes I get so haughty to imagine myself as cool as those persons, but when I check myself on camera I realise...."darn! Perhaps 10 years and a stylist earlier (and a plastic surgion, maybe)"

  5. Oh, wow, thanks for sharing! Checked out SoapyMermaid and you're right, it IS like a picture book. Amazing photography!

    Off to check out the next one

  6. Such great reccomends! definitely gonna check them out :) lovely blog!


  7. great recommendations. i'm on my way there now.

  8. THANK YOU for mentioning my blog..! I am so touched :') and I am going to follow flat20A and Tokyo fashion-HOLIC that look really interesting

  9. Thnx sooo much for featuring my blog!!!
    I'll check out another blogs your recommend.

    *saya from Tokyo fashion-HOLIC*

  10. definitely checking them out :D


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