An Overall Interesting Day

'Twas not so long ago that we meandered down the paths of east London in search of inspiration.

Our streets never fail us.

Incidentally, WHO GOES OUT IN THEIR OVERALLS? I DO! I bought these in Tokyo and wear them while I busy away on Worshipblues Emporium business. I even venture out in them occasionally. They have deep pockets so that I can stuff them with fings that I happen to come across on my journey.

I made my necklace myself. Do you like it?


  1. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan thats some serious BLING fam!!!!

  2. I luuuuuv when you do posts like these :)
    and yes, your necklace is quite FABULOUS!!!
    xoxo <3

  3. We have to meet for a tour of your endz. This is brilliant!

  4. Overall I love your overalls. And the way your necklace and shoes colour match. Xxxx

  5. Was gonna say your necklace is really unique with those random charms. Love the red apple and the camera. Nice DIY.
    Oh, btw, I purchased a Diana Mini recently, still sitting in its boxed unwrapped. It's so beautiful I can't bear to open it!
    I hear you about the tourists in London (since I'm one, well not really...kinda sort of). They (we) walk too blardy slowly and with our eyes on our camera that's why they (we) bump into people all the time hehe

  6. Thanx for visiting my blog & commenting :) I have been following you for awhile so it was a nice surprise ! Please follow me to keep updated for future posts..
    Don't know why but the picture above..one with the baby doll freaked me out LOL


  7. Although that baby doll is kinda creepy, I like it!
    Lovely jewellery! Gold & chunky, yes please! x

  8. I spy a tiny gold camera, an apple, and a wee rocking horse! I ♥ it!

  9. i LOVE your chain - was going to say so even before reading that you made it yourself! And love your one-sy! I want one!

  10. the necklace is so fun :D i love the little camera charm! i may need one.. haha, we'll see.


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