Marvellous Mint Mask + Some Disgusting Pores

My obsession for mint infused anything continues....

A dear friend brought this over from Korea for me to try. As I have long wished to try some Innisfree skincare I was really excited to see this plonked before me.

Innisfree O2 Pore Mask Pack

Perhaps I ought to explain a little bit about the brand before I march onto my mini review?

Innisfree is a hugely popular and successful Korean brand that lays it's emphasis on having a more natural approach to skincare and cosmetics. A lot of the ingredients used in their products are botanical and I have noticed that they are using organic ingredients more and more these days too.

The O2 mask is meant to be a solution to congested pores. The blurb says that it is specifically for use on the T-zone to give your pores a good ole deep clean and leave your skin nice and bright.

I use one pump of this milky gel like fluid and spread it all over my face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. What happens next is that the mask expands and bubbles and foams and supposedly "oxygenates" my face. After the foam starts to dissipate, I rinse the whole thing off with warm water. My skin feels super fresh and clean though I have to come clean and admit that my strawberry nose still looks ghastly and monstrous!

The mask is not a complete fail.

I found that it does loosen my gunk and so if I use a Biore pore patch....I get fab results! Check out that whopper of a result!! I never get such prolific results without the Innisfree mask and so I am happy to see a reduction in blackheads lately.

Now about these Biore pore patches, having decided that the ones available in the UK are far too weak for my stubborn blackheads, I buy mine from Japan or Hong Kong. Not only are these stronger as they are designed for Asian oily skin, but they also come in some fabulous scents that make the whole nasty process a bit more fun.

Biore Resort Pore Pack

Both the Innisfree O2 Pore Mask Pack and the Biore patches can be found on Ebay.


  1. Biore sells pore-packs that are shaped for your chin and T-zone if that appeals to you at all... they don't come in the various scents though!

    Think I might look into this Innisfree in a few weeks - just had my first facial and the esthetician extracted the white heads on my nose - OUCH!! But my nose is nice and clear now :)

  2. I want those nose packs!!! Going to Ebay right now. Great review.

  3. What an amazing result. And image to prove it. I am thinking Oooh, eeek and great all at the same time. Xxxx

  4. Love Biore nose packs, I really like the Skinfood black beans one too-they both do wonders on my strawberry nose!
    I need to look into this nose back, I've heard so much about Innisfree, hmm wonder if I can find it on gmarket?


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