Lobster Linguine

I am ready to be hung drawn and quartered (metaphorically only please) for saying this BUT the honest truth is that Berlin is not the best place for good food. Of course this will depends on what you term as "Good Food". Sadly for me, I sorely missed seafood and I was completely fed up of seeing sausages and potato EVERYWHERE after one day.

However, if you look hard enough there are treats to be found anywhere and we found a shimmering gem of a restaurant in the Savignyplatz area. Filou is an Italian eatery with a laid back feel, top class service and an outstanding menu. Three traits not commonly found together anywhere in the world.

We sat down to dine at about 9.45 which meant that our photos suffered from the ambient candlelit surroundings.

Hiro ordered the lobster linguine which was divine and cooked to perfection. Though it was a tad bit oily, the flavours were fresh and everything came together in a well orchestrated melody for the taste buds.

I had a splendid grilled bream but the photos didn't come out well and I must admit to envying Hiro's dish.

Bliebtreustraße 7



  1. I would agree that Berlin is not good on fish and other animals of the sea. Germnay, in general, is a large meat eating nation. I spend alot of time in Berlin and Germany - for fish I usually go to Italian or French restaurants.

  2. mmmm lobster, its been a few years since I've had that. Ah that dish looks heavenly .

  3. Oooo yeh ooo yeh!!! I loveee my sea food..this one looks different with the claw and all..I had lobster couple weeks ago..gave me a metal device that was similar to the one you crack nuts with..didn't get much meat out of the lil guy as I would of prefered a lil hammer or something ...but yeh the presentation of your dish was very sweet


  4. It's a shame I didn't go to Berlin when I had the chance to do so with school class when I was about 17 years old?

    But since the bf is very keen on visiting Berlin, chances are high that I will go there some time! :)

    The lobster looks linguine delicious!


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