I Like My Blues Vivid

If there is one thing that I am more obsessed with above all other obsessions it is COLOUR.

My entire life is a paintbox. A palette to paint my story with.

What is your overruling obsession?

Culottes from RARE
Pumps from KG
Blouse from ZARA


  1. lovely pleated midi skirt! you pull it off well. :)

  2. So pretty!! I have a skirt like this in purple, but I never wear it.

  3. Ahhh I love your whole outfit! I spotted some culottes like that (pleated, but not so pretty in colour) but wasn't sure what they'd look like on! Almost had me fooled there..thought it was a skirt!

    The last time I wore culottes was when I was a Brownie! I wasn't a very good one though..I couldn't remember my oath. And I could never figure out why we had to dance around a toadstool....But I digress. Is that a polaroid film in one hand and the cam in the other??

  4. my overruling obsession is perfection in whatever i do. i drive those around me crazy with my perfectionist tendencies...

    i love this picture. well composed.

  5. your outfit has a lovely colour palette

  6. i love the cool hues with the bright red shoes :)


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