Green Tea Nail Nutrition

Noticed the absolute lack of nail polish posts?

My nails have been in an absolutely shameful state, utterly unfit for public viewing. Therefore, in secret, I have been trying hard to fix them.

Thanks to a dear and silent reader, I have been using Sally Hansen's Nail Nutrition Green Tea and Bamboo Nail Strengthener.

This is a base and top coat formulated to restore strength and health to weak and fragile nails. After 3 weeks of regular usage (twice a week) I have noticed a great improvement in the condition of my nails. I hope to resume nail polish duties very soon.


  1. I need this!!
    My nails have been peeling, and whilst trying to file them down it makes my nails weaker and thiner :(
    Is this available here? xxx

  2. Ugh, I hate those cycles when my nails get horrible. It happens every once in a while where they just can't get to any length without breaking. :( I hope your nails get better soon!

  3. I'll have to try this as i've been looking for some new base and top coats to try!

  4. Green tea is good for EVERYTHING!!


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