The Grand Adventure of Mariage Freres

I do love tea. Whilst copious cuppas sound so quintessentially British, I have to admit to harbouring an adoration for the fresher fragrant French teas too. Amongst my most highly favoured purveyors of tea is Mariage Freres.

I am set on sampling each and everyone one of their teas and my latest purchase was a loose leaf tin of their delicious Vanile des Iles.

This is a delicate and exceptionally smooth vanilla even without milk (which is my preferred way to drink this). This is a perfect tea to accompany dessert and even a macaron or three.

Mariage Freres teas can be found in Mitsukoshi London for about £13.00 per tin.


  1. Oh how wonderful! I got gifted this just over the weekend :) Love it! xxx

  2. You are so extravagant, me I'm a breakfast tea gal hehe. oh and matcha of course! ;) re your previous post.. i love museums. I love getting lost in them and finding various and wondrous things!

  3. Have you ever tried Indian tea made in a saucepan? I will give you the recipe for it, it's gorgeous!

    Also, I notice the noodle bowls are back, yay!

  4. ..I love Mariage freres teas too :)

  5. mmmmmmmmm! i want to try this :D *bookmarked*


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