Cloudscapes : Dalston skies

I married a cloud spotter.

The skies over Dalston have been putting on some spectacular displays recently. I am glad that he has documented them from our window.

I give them to you here, unaltered.

Our skies are not always grey here in London.

Hiro would like to unite all cloud spotters! If this is your most welcome kind of distraction, you may like to visit The Cloud Appreciation Society.


  1. I'm a cloud spotter too! I love looking up to the sky and see pretty fluffy clouds in all forms of shape and sizes. I love watching the sunset too, purple skies <3
    Hiro's photos are gorgeous! xxx

  2. For the past year and a half, the first thing I see when I open my laptop is one of your photographs as desktop theme.
    Thanks for that!

  3. The first picture reminds me of waves on the beach. Beautiful pictures!

  4. I like watching clouds as well :) I used to stare at them for hours as a kid until they formed shapes! the first photo almost looks like the clouds near the bottom are a crashing wave

  5. Magnifique! ^^ I love to photograph the skies too.

  6. I really like that last pic....love the fiery orange against the dark sky...

  7. Very beautiful ;-) Do you have a book on cloud spotting ? I was browsing at a favourite book store of mine recently and saw a book dedicated to it !

  8. wow, these are amazing. the first one had me confused as to what it actually was! hahaa.


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