Be Good!

Dear new skincare items,

I promise to love you if you do not f*#k up my skin by condemning me to a break out of plague-like proportions.

I do so like your fancy boxes that were designed by that wonderful Rob Ryan dude that does such pretty doodles and wot not. I also like the idea that you are uber super natural in your content. Now be good and make me look wonderful!

I will report back after a suitable trial period.

The Snowberry Website


  1. Good luck...A lot of things these days look great and sound good from the outside..but inside..bluh lol


  2. LOVE those boxes!! can't wait to hear back from you about how they work :D i hope they work well.

  3. May I ask how these cream did turn out to be. I am looking for a good day/night cream. packaging of these product is amazingly calm.


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