Shouting from the rooftops.

Being a loud mouf by nature, I'd like to scream a little about some of my new blog finds. I like people that put some soul and sweat into what they do...whatever it maybe. I like people that follow their heart and imagination...forget what the conventional think!

These are true treasures and I hope that you will like them as much as I do:

Soapy Mermaid
This blog makes me smile with each visit. I look forward to her posts and I am never let down. It's full of heart and is much like a magical picture book full of delights.

Tokyo fashion-HOLIC

I like Saya's style. Her photos are fab and her backdrops very well considered. A great new way to showcase her Tokyo.


Because his blog makes me go "oooooooooooooooooooooooooh".

Follow these blogs! You won't regret it x

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Cloudscapes : Dalston skies

I married a cloud spotter.

The skies over Dalston have been putting on some spectacular displays recently. I am glad that he has documented them from our window.

I give them to you here, unaltered.

Our skies are not always grey here in London.

Hiro would like to unite all cloud spotters! If this is your most welcome kind of distraction, you may like to visit The Cloud Appreciation Society.
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Green spotty petticoat nails

I am not convinced that green nails suit me but I couldn't resist the lure of Topshop's Green Room nail colour.

This polish is not one of Topshop's best in my opinion. It is hard to get an even coat. The colour applies thin and streaky. I used 3 coats for the picture below:

Isn't this design barmy?

Not sure what to make of it. It is not my usual style but it doesn't hurt to deviate from the norm now again does it?

I used Konad plate M77
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Addiction most fragrant: Haus of Gloi

I have become quite a fan of Haus of Gloi.

Haus of Gloi make small batches of fine bathing goodies without cruelty, that follow the seasons, and are fused with much imagination.

The House of Worshipblues' bathroom has accumulated quite a collection of bath and body items from Haus of Gloi here are my thoughts for the curious:

Zazz Whipped Soap

Described as: "
When something feels a bit lackluster, dull and boring it is obviously lacking, zazz. To fix this we recommend something definitely zazzy and not overly complicated: Tart cranberry, pink grapefruit, sparkling champagne, all shook up with crushed ginger."

Since this arrived on my desk, I have been sneaking open the tub to cop a whiff of the lovely stuff. After a few Zazzy showers, I am pleased to be able to report what it smells like to me.

To me, this recalls after school sweety shop dreams corrupted with my slightly more grown up mind. It smells of a roll of Swizzels Refreshers and a glass of bubbly. I don't like sweet smells and so I am mighty surprised that I like this. While this may be on the sweeter side of the smelly fence, it is not sickly at all. It is surprisingly fresh and fizzy and all round lovely. I need more!

Ploughman Soft Bubbling Scrub

Described as:
Well worn leather, dirt n' dandelions, carrot, a pinch of tobacco and a light sheen of feral skin musk.

Okay, I know that the very thought of smelling like dirt will upset the sensibilities of many BUT stick with me on this. Let me explain! When I was a kid, I loved digging dirt. I would dig deep deep down into the mud and make mud cookies and mud plates and mud everything. This reminds me of that smell. The smell of mud from so deep down that hasn't seen the light of day. No dog has pissed on it, no person has trod on it. It smells clean, earthy and honest and it makes me smile.

Selkie Soft Bubbling Scrub

Described as:
The break of waves, gurgling sea foam, kelp, rain tinged air, sand smoothed driftwood and wild sage.

I usually use Selkie mixed in with ploughman. It makes for a grand adventure in the shower. It goes a little like this......From muddy holes with ploughman to a mad dash through a washing line of clean sheets, a stumble through a herb garden before throwing all my clothes off and diving into the sea to float on a bit of drift wood.

Selkie Pumpkin Butter

So after my rave about the splendidness of the Soft Bubbling Scrub, you would expect me to adore the accompanying body butter right? Wrong! Well okay, I don't hate it. It's just a bit strong and overpowering. That said, I do love the texture it is ever so silky and moisturising on my skin without being sticky or greasy. However, I have found that the scent does mellow a bit in the tub once opened and it is slowly turning into something that I would consider wearing.

Can you tell that fragrance needs to be more than just a smell to me? It's gotta make me dream. It's just gotta!

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Koiwai Yotsuba だいすき!

Many of you will already know that I am currently battling to learn Japanese. Banging my brain against a ginormous book of verbs is no fun and neither is working through the text books.


There is a little girl who has made my Japanese "lessons" so much fun!

A HUGE thank you to Yumeko who introduced this adorable girl into my life. Japanese lessons have really come alive and I am learning so much more without even realising it.

Dear readers, Say "HELLO" to Yotsuba!!

Yotsuba is the main character of the popular manga series; "Yotsubato" which translates directly as "Yotsuba and..."

Yotsuba is a little girl with a huge personality. She is quite barmy yet inquisitive and energetic and her imagination is refreshing. She is generally carefree and takes much delight in the simple things in life in which her observations are often hilarious. (Sounds familar ne Yumeko-san?). Yotsuba "can find happiness in anything. Nothing in this world can get her down."

Yotsuba likes cows (much to my delight), milk, ice cream, cicadas.

I have been trying with the might of an ant lifting a rock to read these in Japanese and although the pictures do help, I am happy to say that I can read a lot of it myself....with the help of Hiro, my iPhone dictionary and Chie-san.

Here is my collection thus far beautifully modelled by Totoro!

I recently took Yotsuba to Hackney Downs with us. She loved it! She was very curious about things like the tower blocks and the funny smelling cigarettes that the kids were smoking.

She was confused by terms such as "init", "blud" and "wah gwan".

But luckily she had Danbo there to chill with,

One of my favourite stories in the series was when she met Danbo. Danbo is actually her neighbour's friend in disguise but sssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh don't tell Yotsuba.

Thank you Yotsuba-chan for making Japanese so much more fun than the text book! I want to be "muteki" (fearless/unrivalled) just like you.
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The rise of the shiny fings

The time is fast approaching and soon I will be starting down a new path in life with shiny fings in every step I take. I am working on updating my shop more regularly and I hope that I will see you there.

Please help me spread the word?


I will be most fankful
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Polaroid + The Squirrel

I was so happy when I scooped this old and slightly rusty Polaroid on EBay for a tenner in March! I have long fancied playing about with "peel-apart" or "packfilm" film ever since my boss mentioned it to me in a conversation yonks ago,

Polaroids are items of great beauty in my eyes. My camera is part of the EE-100 family and is Polaroid's second generation of folding cameras. A clear advantage of this is that it takes both Type 100 and Type 80 packfilms.

Most people believe that all Polaroid films are extinct, however, film is still available for this camera and I have hoarded enough to keep me going for a while. Fuji packfilm works great with this!

The beauty does come at a cumbersome price. The camera has no in-built flash. It relies on flashcubes which are not easy to come by and most people will consider you a dinosaur when you ask about them. I love these little cubes of instant light. I can get 4 uses out of each one if I am lucky.

Dealing with the film isn't an easy job either. I have to time the exposure depending on the temperature and then try my best to peel the thing without leaking processing fluid all over my mitts.

Yet I still love my Polaroid EE-100 so much. It gives me vast room for experimentation. There are few things more enjoyable that flicking through real satin finished photographs on my coffee table.

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YSL : Rosey Cheeks

I am a bit surprised that there is so little noise about YSL Variation Blush.

It was good enough for me to spend my Boots Advantage Cards points on after all.

I have Pink Bloom #2 and it is a warm toned rosy glowing pink blush without the shimmer over load. You get 2 squares of matte colour alongside 2 squares of a more shimmery colour. The shimmer is not over powering and has more of pearly halo about it. I am also happy that this is not too drying for my normally parched cheeks.

The texture is fabulous and it goes on to my cheeks very well. The pigment is perfect as it is not too bold so I can use this in a rush without fear of stepping out with hideous clown face.

This is well worth checking out if you are on the hunt for a new pink blush.

This is the best "free blush" I have tried yet.

Available from the usual places, Boots, Debenhams, HoF etc
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Candy Orange

I grabbed my Nails inc freebie polish currently free with In Style Magazine. I rooted through the entire rack to get at the "Candy Orange" bottle.

I really like this shade. In all honesty I would have happily paid proper RRP price for this gem of a jaffa colour.

It's glossy vibrant orange with a touch of pastel about it, perfect for the forthcoming summer hols!

Grab 'em while you can

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Fings what I like #13

Worshipblues likes them fings wot begin wiv a double you.

Spotted in Liberty.
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The Grand Adventure of Mariage Freres

I do love tea. Whilst copious cuppas sound so quintessentially British, I have to admit to harbouring an adoration for the fresher fragrant French teas too. Amongst my most highly favoured purveyors of tea is Mariage Freres.

I am set on sampling each and everyone one of their teas and my latest purchase was a loose leaf tin of their delicious Vanile des Iles.

This is a delicate and exceptionally smooth vanilla even without milk (which is my preferred way to drink this). This is a perfect tea to accompany dessert and even a macaron or three.

Mariage Freres teas can be found in Mitsukoshi London for about £13.00 per tin.
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Bring the Neues: The Walls That Talk

It must sound ridiculous to some, but, in all sincerity I was profoundly moved by the Neues Museum in Berlin.

The Neues Museum is part of a cluster of museums that dominate the so-called Museum Island, a Unesco Heritage site in the heart of Berlin. It has been part of an ambitious and major restoration project creatively driven by David Chippefield alongside conservation architect Julian Harrap (of Hackney).

Our interest was naturally piqued at the mention of Chipperfield as he is one of Hiro's favourite starchitects. We watched the Sterling Prize on telly and were captivated by the story and vision for the space.

"The idea that form follows function is complete crap."
David Chipperfield.

The Neues Museum was built on the orders of Fredrich IV of Prussia as an extension to the Altes Museum in 1841. It's purpose was to house the King's ever growing collection of ancient artifacts. By 1939 the museum was closed with most of it's contents taken away for safe keeping. During WWII The Nueues museum was bombed,nearly obliterated and left to ruin. It wasn't until 1985 that efforts were made to conserve the museum. In October 2009 The Neues museum opened it's doors and this Curator was very excited!

The museum is a stark and at times brutal contrast of new architecture grasping the old yet somehow remaining sympathetic.

Hiro believes that Chipperfield was not trying to recreate what once was, but instead reinterpret the vision, the experience, and the aspiration.

For me it felt like a place in which the sands of time were in a state of perpetual flux. We shifted from clean lines and modern textures to historic grandeur and back again within every few steps. and in between there are restored colonnades wrought with exposed unhealed bullet scarred columns. 

The funny thing is that we have very little recollection of the actual exhibitions. We strolled through the building in a state of awe at the accomplishment of this place. It is an achievement to create a place that not only houses items of historical interest that chart the course of humanity with virtue, but, it is more of an achievement for that very place to be a living breathing testament to the things it has witnessed. These wall DO have a way of talking.

Hiro has a way of experiencing any where that we may be in terms of light and shadow. The Neus museum, on a sunny day is a playground for light and so a little bit of magic for Hiro.

"Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light" Le Corbusier.

Hiro would like us to mention Kardorff Ingenieuer Licht Planung for their splendid job of lighting the museum.

Thank you very much for reading this post. I hope that you have enjoyed our little tour of this remarkable place.
This is the 1st ever post written and photographed by Hiro and I.
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Sylvie's Palette

In Japan, they have a term for women of my current occupation and that is "O.L", or Office Lady. Cosmetics companies fill vast sections of their collections with various neutral palettes to lure the OL into dropping coins on their counters. I like many of these OL friendly palettes but my favourite for quite some time is Chantecaille's Sylvie's Personal Palette. This is an OL's dream.

I don't wear make up everyday to work. There are many morning when the extra few mins in bed are far more appealing than painting my face. However, when I do feel like making an effort, this is the one I reach out for most.

The palette comprises of 3 eye shadows and 1 blush so it's pretty darn handy to have everything I need in one place.

These shades are among the smoothest to apply that I have ever used.Enjoy the swatches.

This was a gift from a friend. However, you can take a closer look at the palette in your local SpaceNK
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