Worship Seeking Angels on a Saturday

On Saturday I spend the afternoon with my chin pointing skyward in search of angels and other stony beings that peer out from the high places of St Paul's Cathedral.

They are a silent and eerie bunch to hang around with.

Yet, I am in awe of their sinister beauty.

"Sir Christopher Wren said; 'I am going to dine with some men. If anybody calls, tell them that I am designing St Paul's"

We actually ventured into the cathedral for the 1st time. It is a magnificent space that has been sympathetically lit to moving effect. Sadly, photography is prohibited so I cannot show you how gorgeous it is. I suggest you visit sometime!

This is a view that I take in everyday on my way to work. It never fails to move me.

Ponster took these pics.
My lipstick is a combination of Rouge Bunny Rouge's "come here sweetie" gloss over Duwop's Twilight Lip Venom.


  1. Hitomi Kato-moore18 April 2011 at 13:47

    spookiliy beautiful

  2. ahh such beautiful photography. But it's not the angels you should be looking for on cathedral crevices, it's the grotesques and monsters that are the most interesting. Gargoyles and monsters in risque positions hiding in the corners and alcoves. :D (LOL Sorry about that, i study this in my degree. :P)

    Are you walking down watling street?

  3. Aww I wish I could have seen the inside!! The pictures that were taken are beautiful.

  4. My dear,

    I have monsters and demons and gargoyles a plenty residing within the eaves of my mind. I sought solace and respite among angels just for a little while.


  5. I tried to be sneaky but then I feared being struck by a lightening bolt from the heavens :(

  6. these photos are absolutely gorgeous. I'm in love withe first one. what a beautiful heraldic face! :)

  7. It is a fabulous building. Do they still charge a fortune to go in? Xxxx

  8. the nyanzi report18 April 2011 at 19:12

    One of the places that everyone should see before they die. Another place to see is the view of the millennium bridge from the Tate Gallery at night and how it feeds itself to St.Pauls.

  9. I dreamt of visiting places like these when I was little....and surprise, surprise, I still do....
    BTW, I love your hair Yasumi!

  10. eerie and captivating...I can only imagine what a sight it was to see inside the cathedral!

  11. It was free on Saturday. There was a mass going on at the same time.

  12. Absolutely!

  13. Thank you! Save up and come see me!

  14. This cathedral looks absolutely beautiful - I always love doing the stone work and especially thinking HOW much work such artistry would have taken hundreds of years ago with no power tools... it's always amazing.

    You look gorgeous, my dear! Red suits you so well!

  15. As always, you look super elegant and fabby!! BEAUTIFUL pictures, some of the intricate stone work really made me think of Dr Who episodes :P


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