Pretty Little Bows

Some of you may have noticed that The Worshipblues Emporium opened yesterday. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all that visited my shop page and to all that requested to be added to my mailing list. THANK YOU for the Tweets, reTweets and messages of support.

I am utterly delighted as I have sold out of everything. Thank you for spreading the word and for helping me make my dream come true! I am working on the next collection that will appear here in the not too distant future.

The Worshipblues Emporium


  1. So happy for you and I'm even more joyous now that I know that yeverything is sold out.
    Here's hoping it all continues this way. XX

  2. Oh no!!!!!
    I didn't know you had opened, I received no email...such lovely things you've made, I really wish I'd gotten there in time.
    No matter, I'll wait for the next shiny collection, and I'm sure it will be well worth it :-)))
    Congrats on selling out hun, totally deserved!
    Nina x

  3. wow that's amazing :D I feel bad that i missed all this @_@ how do i get on the mailing list?

  4. Send me your email and you are on! Please take a look at my Emporium page. There is a button beneath my banner.

  5. I'm so disappointed that I missed this!! Beautiful work as usual.

  6. the bright blue stones in the first pic are gorgeous! sorry I missed this, but I'm so glad to hear that you sold out of everything :)


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