More Moorish

We shared a lovely meal on Saturday.

We dined at Moro, a Moorish/Spanish restaurant in Exmouth Market. We were delighted at our luck in reserving a table on a Saturday evening as this place is usually fully booked.

We shared:

Scallops with crispy capers,smoked paprika and shaved fennel.

Seared pigeon breast with piquillo peppers and garlic puree

After taking photos of our starters we forgot about the camera and surrendered into savouring our main courses, delicious pink cava and the company.....of course!

Sometimes it simply will not do to have a camera loitering on the table.

Moro Restaurant Website


  1. Moro is great and well done for getting a table at short notice. I have always booked in advance. Great food. Now I am really hungry, off to get some lunch now. Xxxx

  2. the nyanzi report14 April 2011 at 13:16

    I always love your culinary adventures.

  3. awesome picture! great blog!!

    follow me on twitter @queenbutnocrown


  4. omg how random! earlier today, way before i came to your blog, i sent my bf a link to Moro saying we should go there :)

  5. sometimes i would love to take my dslr around but most of the time, i prefer to take my iphone around :X as bad as that is, sometimes the dslr is SO, SO cumbersome!


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