Fings What I Like #8

Gorgeous opulent massive mirrors

Spotted in Aria, Islington, London.


  1. the nyanzi report9 April 2011 at 10:05

    Me too.

  2. That is really nice. I saw something very similar in a furniture shop near my flat, I really want to get one as it would be brilliant in the space I have in my bedroom where a mirror used to reside.

    I'm quite sure that my flat is turning into more mirrors and lights than other things that SHOULD be in a flat.

  3. Oh wow that's beautiful. Did you get it? I'd love a mirror with such an ornate frame... they've got beautiful specimens in Camden passage jazzy ♥

  4. wow I love this mirror. I have a couple small ones that look similar but I would definitely like to have a massive one like this.

  5. are you going to get one for your home? :)


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