Clean Sponges

Having discovered the greatness of blending sponges as I mentioned here, I needed to find detergents to clean the things with. This is a makeup lover's torment. Cleaning brushes and sponges is no fun. Nonetheless it HAS to be done and so I grabbed 2 contestants to chuck in the ring (my bathroom sink) for a duel.

In the red corner we have the Blendercleanser by Beautyblender.

Its great that Beautyblender made a cleaning fluid to accompany their blender, you can also buy these in a pack with a blender. Super handy!

I paid for £13.50 for 180ml of this product (ebay).

The "trying to be nifty" packaging is an utter fail for me. I find it cumbersome and irritating. While this may work well with nail varnish remover, it doesn't do it for me with a thick gloopy detergent.

Contrary to it's blurb, this has a rather strong lavender fragrance in my opinion. Another fail

The formula is thick. In fact, now that I think about it, it has a similar consistency to washing up liquid..yes that famous one that starts with F. This is another fail for me. I find it hard to work into the sponges and even harder to rinse out.

I don't like this much at all. However, I dont like wasting things so I have found another use for it.......It cleans the bath tub really well!

In the blue corner we have the Detergent for Puff and Sponge by Daiso.

I paid £3.34 for 90ml of this product and that included shipping from Hong Kong (alphabeautyuk on ebay).

This detergent is made by the Daiso company in Japan which is famed for it's low cost but good value range of goods.

Practical packaging. I like the simple flip top squeazy bottle, but as the detergent is runny, I have to avoid being heavy handed.

I would class this as fragrance free. There is a slight whiff of that "detergent" smell but it doesn't linger on the sponge at all.

Now back to that runny consistency of this detergent. This is great for for me as it is easy to rinse out and easy to work into the sponge.

This is a clear winner for me. I used it regularly for about 7 weeks on the sponges shown above and it keeps them spotless! It is cheap, works fast and is easy to rinse out. What more can I want? Oh yes. It would be good if this was more easily available.

For my next bout, I shall pit these cleaners against each other on my brushes.Expect an update soon.

A gift for the curious.

I have a spare Daiso detergent along with one sachet of the Beautyblender Cleanser to give away to a curious UK reader. Any takers?

If you would like to throw your name in the hat, then please leave a comment below with the statement "I WANT TO CLEAN MY BRUSHES" somewhere in your wording.

I am sorry that this is only open to UK readers this time. These items are very hard to get here and I would like them to give this a go.

Giveaway closes on Tuesday 12th April at 6pm UK time.


  1. i tend to use either facial cleanser (i use simple as it's fragrance free and gentle) or a fragrance free, mild shampoo. works a treat! i don't have particularly expensive brushes though, so i don't worry too much about them.

    i want to clean my brushes!


    I have the blender cleanser from the set I have and I don't like the strong lavender scent too. I found that it was harder to get the cleanser into the tip of the beautyblender making the washing process longer :(
    Wow the daiso one is super cheap! I want to try! :D xxx

  3. a new must have! looks awesome!

    Check out my new Fearless Future Post!

  4. "I WANT TO CLEAN MY BRUSHES" - my brushes have been abused by the unmentionable 'F' word

  5. LOL, you are oh so generous! I WANT TO CLEAN MY BRUSHES!

  6. I'm so happy you reviewed both! Not going to bother with trying the BeautyBlender cleanser (I have plenty of Daiso soap - enough for at least 3 months) since the Daiso is so much cheaper! I like using it in the shower - a bit of trial and error for how much to use, but I usually saturate the sponge, squeeze the soap on, rub it in, and let it sit for a few seconds! Then squeeze it out - keeps my sponge spotless :D

  7. Thank you for the comment on my recent blogspot! I totally agree with you! Thank you=)

  8. The most inexpensive products make the best cleansers :) I clean my brushes with baby shampoo, but for sponges/brushes that I use for foundations/cream blushes, Dr. Bronner's castille soap works wonders! super cheap but it gets my beauty blender looking practically new!

  9. Ohh you are too kind to us readers!!!

    I had great plans for this evening that I had off..first I'd tidy up the garden, and then do the rest of my chores, including I did want to clean my brushes!! BUT unfortunately someone opened wine and we had a BBQ instead. Oops!! Oh well =D

  10. Hi, I would like to try the detergent, my brushes are well overdue for a clean....I agree the detergent looks far easier to use, and at a reasonable price too.....Debbiex

  11. can't wait to see how the cleansers work with your brushes! which reminds me, i need to clean mine >_<


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