A Blush Too Pretty To Use.

.......For now at least.

I have got my paws on a Visee Mineral Cheeks Baby Finish (wot a flippin' mouthful) blush:

Forgive me for I am still swooning over it's obvious loveliness.

I am a bad blogger because I cannot do anything other than flaunt my pics as I cannot bring myself to tamper with it for swatches...YET!

I hanker over brighter shimmery blushes at this time of year. They are always such a pleasure to use on summer holiday evenings when I have have a little more colour to my skin tone and a lot more cause to doll myself up!

Rest assured you will be seeing a lot of looks with this baby as the sun continues to shine (fingers crossed with super glue).

This is available on A pop of kawaii, Mihoko and Adambeauty


  1. Oh these colors are lovely! I keep seeing these multi-color blush compacts, maybe I should invest in one. I have a blush by MAC and NARS Orgasm which are nice enough but I'm getting rather bored with them.

    Thanks for the comment on my Top 7 MBD mask post! :) Which are your favorites? (I'm conducting an unofficial poll because the nice lady at the local Japanese goodies store wants to know which masks are popular so she can stock them!) I'd be grateful for any input!

  2. I absolutely agree! I have this lovely shade and the other pinkish one on my desk....I can't bear to use them...yet and I'm wondering what "baby finish" means exactly.

  3. The blush looks so beautiful! it'll look especially pretty during Spring/summer! thanks for sharing where you can buy it from x

  4. gorgeous new blush! it reminds me of the Jill Stuart blushes :)

  5. bangbangsheshoots22 April 2011 at 06:04

    i am dying to see swatches of this! who need Jill Stuart if you have affordable Visee?! XD Thanks of the our website mention!!


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