There + Back Again

Have you missed me?

I have been off on an adventure and now I have returned...........

..........Be back very soon.

Photo taken many thousands of miles skyward.

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Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes

Kose recently launched the re-branded Esprique collection and I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on on of their rather sleek eyeshadow quads.

Blend Dimensional Eyes: A4

The case is a diamond patterned plastic "finger print" magnet.

This is a gorgeous neutral palette in my opinion. It is of the shimmery ilk but the shimmer does not impart chunks of glitter. It's more of a pearly/metallic finish that applies wonderfully.

These are just the kind of colours that I will enjoy using up. They are buttery soft and long lasting on the eye. From left to right above: Brown with taupe shimmer. Taupe with champagne shimmer. Light pink shimmer highlight shade. Golden peach highlight shade. This is such a wonderful shade that will suit me best on holiday.

My verdict is that this is probably not worth rushing out to buy. The Esprique Blend Dimensional shadow range has nothing spectacular to offer in terms of colour combinations. While I am glad that I have the A4 palette, I can imagine that most of these shades are easily duped. I am far more interested in trying their brilliant looking creme blush sticks.

Esprique website
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I'll be down by the river.....

We are thoroughly blessed with amazing friends. They are all saints. And now that I really think about it; they all very in degrees of eccentricity yet are eccentric nonetheless.

Friday saw a rather impromptu landing at our friend's riverside residence for much lolling about in the sun. We drank, ate, drank some more and laughed our way through the day.

I always learn so much from our fab hosts. On this occasion I discovered that it is rather easy to make your own charcoal. That boats are astoundingly expensive (even the flimsy looking ones); and that Charlize Theron really is that stunning in real life.

What a gorgeous way to kick off our Easter break.
pure joy spending all this time with the husband. We both work long hours in normal life and so such moments have become ever more precious.

Thank you "P", "H" and "5" for the good times.

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My Kingdom For Shiny Frizz Free Hair!

I am constantly battle with the frizziness of my hair. It irritates me immensely and I have for as long as I can remember, been fighting a loosing battle.

Not only does it make my hair look drier than it actually is, but, much to my dismay, it also makes my hair rather matte. No lady wants matte hair. It's all about the shine!

I recently stumbled across the DHC After Bath Hair Treatment Oil, and without much expectation bought from the website.

I find that here in the UK, DHC is an often overlooked Japanese brand. I haven't a clue why. They have some reliable and trusty products that are affordable and of fine quality.

Anyway, back to the hair oil!

This is actually more of a light serum in my opinion. It has a light herbal/floral fragrance that is neither cloying nor obtrusive, and the serum seeps seamless into my just washed towel dried hair. It doesn't perform any miracles in banishing my frizz BUT it does make my hair tangle-free and thus much easier and indeed less painful to brush. It also adds a nice sheen without making my hair greasy.

The DHC After Bath Hair Oil is packaged in a cute plastic pump bottle. It cost me £12.50 for 100ml and I use 2 pumps each time.
See here for more information on this product.

It's worth having a nose around the DHC UK website: DHC UK
In the 3 or 4 times that I have ordered from them, I have found their postage to be fast and reliable. I also like the way that they offer a choice of samples with each order placed.

Now the, before I get some smart alec asking about my "Kingom", You ought to know that it is an imaginary place, where smart alecs don't exist.
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The Start of the Long Weekend

I have been looking forward to this day for a long while now. I love long weekends.

I try to take days off either side so that I can streeeeeeeettttcccccchhhhhh them out as long as possible.

Now you can betcher bottom cherry tomato squid that I will be seeking adventure this Easter.

Who knows where I may decide to lurk.

Wishing you all a splendid Easter break.
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My Rubber Stamp: Sponsored Giveaway

I recently purchased a bespoke rubber stamp from "My Rubber Stamp" on Etsy.

The shop is run by the thoroughly lovely and patient Eunice, who did a grand job of dealing with my endless questions and niggles with a great level of professionalism. I am a pain in the arse!

I love my new stamp. I am glad that I opted for the self inking option as I can stamp away for hours on end!

My Rubber Stamp is a family run business that specialises in making a creative array of bespoke rubber stamps. In Eunice's own words;

"We design & make stamps for every occasion.
{Rubber Stamps} {Pre-inked Stamp} {Exotic Handmade Wood Stamp} {Craft Stamps}

I am a fussy old cow when it comes to small details BUT I was so happy with my shopping experience and end product that I JUMPED at the chance to host a sponsored giveaway.

The Giveaway:

♥ The lucky winner can pick any one rubber stamp from our shop. Shipping will be included ♥

How to enter:

  1. Visit the My Rubber Stamp Etsy shop here: "MYRUBBERSTAMP"
  2. Leave a comment below stating "I WOULD LIKE TO WIN" and let us know which is your favourite stamper in the shop.
  3. You MUST be a public follower of my blog so I can identify you if you should win.
  4. You must also do at least one of the following:

    {Heart us ♥ Etsy}

    {Like us ♥ Facebook}

    {Follow us ♥ Blog}
The giveaway closes on Friday 29th April at 6.00pm GMT.
I will pick a winner soon after and then put you in touch with Eunice to arrange your prize.
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A Blush Too Pretty To Use.

.......For now at least.

I have got my paws on a Visee Mineral Cheeks Baby Finish (wot a flippin' mouthful) blush:

Forgive me for I am still swooning over it's obvious loveliness.

I am a bad blogger because I cannot do anything other than flaunt my pics as I cannot bring myself to tamper with it for swatches...YET!

I hanker over brighter shimmery blushes at this time of year. They are always such a pleasure to use on summer holiday evenings when I have have a little more colour to my skin tone and a lot more cause to doll myself up!

Rest assured you will be seeing a lot of looks with this baby as the sun continues to shine (fingers crossed with super glue).

This is available on A pop of kawaii, Mihoko and Adambeauty

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The Paler Shade of Safari

I was born on safari.
I live like I am on safari.....no matter where I am.
Life is a safari.......

Even when I am actually in a park in hackney.


Thank you Pon for the snaps
Culottes from ASOS
Chiffon blouse from GAP
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Worship Seeking Angels on a Saturday

On Saturday I spend the afternoon with my chin pointing skyward in search of angels and other stony beings that peer out from the high places of St Paul's Cathedral.

They are a silent and eerie bunch to hang around with.

Yet, I am in awe of their sinister beauty.

"Sir Christopher Wren said; 'I am going to dine with some men. If anybody calls, tell them that I am designing St Paul's"

We actually ventured into the cathedral for the 1st time. It is a magnificent space that has been sympathetically lit to moving effect. Sadly, photography is prohibited so I cannot show you how gorgeous it is. I suggest you visit sometime!

This is a view that I take in everyday on my way to work. It never fails to move me.

Ponster took these pics.
My lipstick is a combination of Rouge Bunny Rouge's "come here sweetie" gloss over Duwop's Twilight Lip Venom.
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Right of Admission Reserved: A New Collection

I have a new collection in my Emporium.

The treasures of the heart must be kept precious. My new collection advocates discernment when it comes to matters of the heart.

Right of admission is very strictly reserved:

Click here to follow the Worshipblues Emporium
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The Wobbling BB

I recently made a few purchases on Gmarket. I am close to scraping the barrel on my current BB creams and getting caught short is NOT something that I could bear to face!

I was rather excited about trying a BB cream from the relatively new brand "Holika Holika". Holika Holika is an off shoot from the Korean Enprani brand that seems to be growing in popularity.

Today I am reviewing the Aqua Petit Jelly BB in shade #01.

I was drawn to this BB as it is purported to contain 70% "healthy aqua" and a moisturising jelly like texture that will clarify and retain moisture on skin.

The jelly mould packaging makes this looks like it is edible!

It really does have a jelly like texture and as is often the case with Korean BB creams, it is fragranced. Not to worry the fragrance is fresh and light and I ceased to notice it shortly after application.

What I Like about the Aqua Petit Jelly BB
  • Sun protection SPF20 PA++
  • The light texture is lovely to apply and feels great on the skin I think this will be better appreciated in summer and in warmer more humid climates.
  • This BB cream does not oxidise.
  • Purse friendly, I paid approx £7.50 for this.

What I don't like about the Aqua Petit Jelly BB

  • I do not find this to be particularly moisturising as it dries down to a powdery matte finish.
  • If you have dry skin like me, you will need to use a moisturising primer prior to application as this will accentuate dry patches.
  • Only available in 2 shades and both are rather light.
  • I am not mad about the packaging, but am glad that there is a spatula included for a more hygienic application.
Most UNHELPFUL, I know, BUT I am still sat on the fence and umming and ahhhing about this BB Jelly. There is a lot to like yet at the same time it does not come without a few hitches. I usually am a big fan of light textured BB creams but this is so very light in coverage that I am not sure that it is worth applying at all.

Being a pragmatic girl at heart, it did occur to me that I could try to use this as a base. However, the powdery finish it leaves on my skin throws that idea right out of the window.

Alas! I wonder where I went wrong with this!
So many others fave about this product yet I find it lacking in too many ways. If you are looking for a light textured, light feeling BB cream for summer, then I would much rather reccommend the Kiss Me Sunkiller BB SPF50 PA+++. I mention this here.
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I have a new case for my beloved iPhone.


I love Totoro
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I Have Built an Extension

The time has come when I need more space to flex my pliers and sewing needles.

This old house is a bit cluttered. I like it this way, it suits me just fine, but I need more room. And so, I have built an extension to house my little Emporium.

Please do pop along for a little visit? I would like to see you there!


Oh and here is a little glimpse of the Shiny Fings that I have made recently:


Spread the secret.

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CHANEL Ombre D'eau

I am lazy with my eyeshadow. I am all for cosmetics being fuss free and quick to apply. Thus, 75% of the time I reach for liquid shadows.

I adore these shadows so much so that I have abandoned almost all other liquid shadows in favour of Chanel's offering.

Ombre D'Eau is a bi-phase liquid shadow which basically means that you have to shake it like a cocktail before application.

I find them to be long lasting as they sit without creasing for about 10 hours without a shadow base. They apply smoothly, they literally glide on my old lids as effortlessly as silk.

These are shimmery shadows, so you matte fiends may choose to look away before you reach the swatches below. You can use these to create a subtle wash of colour by applying and blending with your fingers or you can go bold by applying a thicker layer.

These don't let me down on the lasting power front neither. They are pretty much budge proof all day long. No creasing nor smudging here.

Chanel's iconic packaging incorporates a 6ml frosted glass vial that is utterly vanity friendly.

For the Swatch watchers:

On the left we have "Torrent" #100. A gorgeous khaki shade with flecks of bronzey gold that catch the light oh so nicely.

In the middle is "Sand" #60 . My most used shade. Neutral shimmring taupey gold. It goes with everything!

To the right is "Source" #40. A pretty pink that I am not mad about but use frequently as a base.

I highly recommend these. They are up there with the rest of the starts when it comes to ultimate lazy days beauty.

These are availble in all the usual department stores for
I bought mine at Duty Free.
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♦ Winner Announcements ♦

Bet you all thought that I had forgotten about my little giveaways. I love hosting them soooo much that I cannot possibly do that to you!

The winner of the Alessi Big Love Ice Cream Spoons is:


The Winner of the Daiso Detergent is:

"Hannah Duong"

Please can you email me your addresses so I can send your prizes out on Monday: Questions@worshipblues.com

Now for some clarity:
be cynical! I am just so chuffed to have such fab and diverse readers that it is my way of thanking you for your support. I hope that you continue enjoy reading my blog evermore!
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More Moorish

We shared a lovely meal on Saturday.

We dined at Moro, a Moorish/Spanish restaurant in Exmouth Market. We were delighted at our luck in reserving a table on a Saturday evening as this place is usually fully booked.

We shared:

Scallops with crispy capers,smoked paprika and shaved fennel.

Seared pigeon breast with piquillo peppers and garlic puree

After taking photos of our starters we forgot about the camera and surrendered into savouring our main courses, delicious pink cava and the company.....of course!

Sometimes it simply will not do to have a camera loitering on the table.

Moro Restaurant Website
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The Trolley Stop Postie Goes to the Park

I wore green. Full on unmistakable green green for the 1st time in my life on Saturday.

I like the facade of this run down pub. Something about the broken glass. We met a funny old lady here. She had a radio tied about her neck with a piece of string. She was listening to the traffic news as she marched up and down the path.

Next we came across a postman's trolly tied to a lamp post. I couldn't resist playing postie.

Onwards we strolled to Shoreditch Park for a spot of people watching and sun lounging.


I met some new friends on the way back home...

They were a silent but determined bunch!

Photos taken by Pon in Hackney
Gold sandals from ASOS
Paperbag Chambray trousers from Warehouse
Green leotard from Ebay

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Paw Hands

Alas! It is no exaggeration that I would and will indeed scour the world to find a good hand cream.

I have an "issue" with washing my hands. I do it more that I probably need to. Also, I make things so I am regularly fighting with pliers and bit of metal, glass and plastic. My hands take a mighty hard bashing!

I have recently started to don gloves when I give our home a regular blitzing. That has helped a bit but nothing can beat a good hand cream.

I am currently using L'Occitane's Fleur de Cerisier Hand Cream

I keep this in my bag and use it primarily at work.

I like the light floral fragrance. I find it uplifting in the office.I also like the non greasy texture and the way that it penetrates into parched hands quick and easy so I don't leave ghastly grease marks on my paperwork.


It is not enough! Although there is a visible improvement to my hands after application, they still feel "tight" and dry and the effect soon wears off.

I am glad that L'Occitane do travel sized hand creams as they are so much nicer to cart around on my daily to and fros.

This cost me £7.50 for 30ml and is available here.
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