The Worshipblues Wonder Emporium + Manish Arora

It's Friday party people!!

Though I must admit that I won't be partying tonight....uh uh! Instead I shall be brandishing my pliers and get busy making Shiny Fings!

I am a bit of a tease and so I am here today to pique your peepers with a glimpse of things to come at the Worshipblues Emporium.

This Spring/Summer is all about the BRIGHTS and not many do it better than Manish Arora. Many of my makeup loving readers will remember his fantabulous collaboration with MAC...yes he can work those resplendent colours into a vibrant frenzy!

Manish Arora has recently done a collaboration with
, Swarovski, the masters of all things crystal, and come up with these astonishingly beautiful pendants.

The Swarovski Devoted 2 U collection includes these lavishly lopsided stylised hearts that burst forth in 2 dichroic shades. There is "Red Magma" which is an earthy red that has a golden glow about it and "Astral Pink" which is a gorgeous amber shade with pink glow.

Now I have purposely "messed" with these images as true photos will be up ♦HERE♦ soon.

If you have signed up to my mailing list you will get a preview on Monday. If you haven't signed up, please do so by dropping me a line or two here: Questions at Worshipblues dot com.

I wish you all a super weekend x


  1. Oooh they look like sweets. Xxxx

  2. Hitomi Kato-moore25 March 2011 at 16:48

    Ooooooo amber looking hearts!!! How lovely

  3. YOu can't eat them Dvora. You will be ill and then I will be sad.

  4. Amber with a pink glow. Like a halo!

  5. saw these when I was looking at jewelry supplies...they are a lovely addition to the Swarovski pendants! the Astral Pink is a really unique color

  6. Christina Lindsay25 March 2011 at 19:25

    Ooh! I love them. I need to work out how to sign up to your mailing list now. I must add you to my blog list as I keep forgetting to catch up on Google reader. Have a good weekend xx

  7. they are beautiful! love the assymetrical shape and its radiances ^^ i really can't wait! gotta sign up for that mailing list.. now where was it... :P


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