Spring hath Sprung

Saturday felt like the 1st day of Spring proper in London.

I am tentative but hopeful that we will see more of the elusive sun here in London. It's been a bitter winter and we all just want to break out our sunnies again.

Sakura in Hackney

The skies stayed clear well into the night and we witnessed the moon shining bright.

Tsuki in Hackney

Both these images were captured on my iPhone using the Lo-mob app.


  1. I love the sakura image =0 they are such beautiful trees, I wish there were sakura parks around the world so we can all enjoy there beauty. I'm also amazing at the photo quality from an iphone!

  2. I'm coming back in 2 weeks and hope that spring will well and truly be in the air! :)

  3. Beautiful, love both shots. Xxxx

  4. Gorgeous pics! Apps like these makes me wish I had a iphone lol xxx

  5. the nyanzi report20 March 2011 at 21:34

    I tell you what, where I live here in Surrey, it still is bloody freezing! On another note, that iphone is very good. Though last time I said that the Nokia kicks it's behind.

  6. It will be a joy to have you back!!

  7. ♥ how vibrant the sakura blossoms are against the sky! this weather is kooky - it was nice over the weekend but now that spring is technically here, it's supposed to be rainy and cold all week!

  8. Yes the weather has been very strange this year. We get a few seasons in one day. But that is common in London :(


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