My Beauty Diary Orange Flower Mask

After hearing about these on Birkinbeauty's brilliant blog, I sought to find some for myself.

I am a fan of the delicate scent of Orange Blossoms as it conjures up memories of Med holidays.

I am happy to report that the fragrance is lovely and it lends itself well as a nice evening treatment. A perfect way to wind down.

The mask is supposed to have brightening and soothing qualities. I honestly cannot endorse it's brightening effect as I have not noticed one but it is very soothing it does impart a nice moisture boost.

This is a Limited Edition offering from My Beauty Diary so get yours while you can.


  1. The scent sounds so soothing.

  2. Wow, thanks for mentioning me and trying out something I like :D. I seem to like their Blooming of Beauty range a bit better than their standard range, although there are some hits in that section as well. One ebayseller listed the Hello Kitty's, something I am slightly curious about (especially the one with honey)...


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