I want to share some photo's with you from my newly acquired iPhone.
I am delighted with this new gadget.

The very 1st app that I got was "Kotoba!" a Free Japanese dictionary. I then dived in to get the Lo-Mob camera application which is such fun to play with. It won't be replacing my real life vintage cameras any time soon but I must say that I do like it's convenience.

Parasols in Liberty's Scarf Room

Jewel tinted glass in Skandium

Blossoms in The Conran Shop

Sleepy Owl in Liberty

I adore this Limited Edition Starbucks tumbler from Japan. I was extremely fortunate to receive this from a good friend.

Hiro dragged me away from the TV on Saturday. He said that it is not healthy for me to stew and upset myself with the great tragedy in Japan. We did our best to busy ourselves, but, the truth is, the events were never completely out of our minds.


  1. Gahhh, I forgot to check out my nearest Starbucks for these sakura tumblers!!! It's my fault if they go oos (but did they even bring em in? A more important question haha!)

  2. I've been playing around with Mr.W's lomo app on his android phone and lavvvv it. I need to start a habit of developing my film so I don't get tempted by technology that attempts to replace the real lomo thang.

  3. pudding camera is great too! ^^the starbucks tumbler is fab!! love the turquoise look! the owl is so cute!!

  4. I have an iphone now too. But dont have any apps yet. Liking this LoMob app going to get one of these too. Yes it is hard to drag ourselves away from what is happening in Japan. I keep thinking 'how can I help'. Hiro is right but I know it is hard. Love to you all. Xxxx

  5. No more BB? =(
    Ok I will talk to you on WhatsApp then! =)
    I love that owl from Liberty.

  6. the nyanzi report14 March 2011 at 19:13

    They've done a great job with the camera on the new iphone but the new nokia n series 12meg kicks its behind.

  7. Pah! The Nokia doesn't have a gazillion useful Japanese lingo apps. That is the real reason I wanted this.

  8. I heard that there are a lot of cool photo apps for iphone such as camerabag, tiltshift, polarize & photobooth..I wish I waited for the new Iphone instead of getting an HTC...and so sad about Japan too...I've never been there neither have a close family or friend but I was on the TV the whole sunday and it was too depressing..we're trying to help in our little ways & prayers...

  9. Dont know where she got the shorts. Look like a Joseph store bag to me - maybe Joseph? L love them 2 which is why there are 2 shots of her..... :-)

  10. just bough this on your recommendation! xx

  11. Now that is tea drinking royalty lol xo


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